A Holiday Makeup How-To Inspired by the 50s

A Holiday Makeup How-To

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — holiday party season! Want to stand out at your next fete? We suggest infusing your look with a touch of retro glamour. Inspired by the alluring eye makeup of 50s starlets, we created a fresh, festive take on the classic cat-eye for our latest photo shoot. Here’s how to get the look:

A Holiday Makeup How-To

1. Start with a fresh face. Since our model, Jackie, was about to step in front of the camera, we were a little more liberal with the foundation, and used a shade just darker than her actual skin tone. In real life, use whatever concealer-and-foundation routine you like to get that smooth, clean look. A little concealing under the eyes and around the nose, plus a bit of your fave BB cream should do the trick.

2. Apply a kiss of blush to your cheeks, and keep the color understated. Remember — the eyes are the star of this show.

3. Pat a neutral shade of shadow all over your lids, and fade it into the crease using a blending brush (or your finger, if you’re in a pinch).

4. Pick a similar, but slightly darker shade of shadow for your crease. Sweep the brush from the outer corner of your eye to right above the middle of your lid, following the natural crease between your lid and brow bone. Then blend, blend, blend. You want to create a subtle shadow, not a bold line.

A Holiday Makeup How-To

5. Now for the fun part. Using a gel liner and a skinny brush, create a big, dramatic cat eye.

New to the cat eye? No worries! First, map out where the end of your line — a.k.a. the “flick” — will go. Pretend there’s a line connecting the outer corner of your eye and the outer end of your eyebrow. Pick a point along that imaginary line, and make a teensy-tiny dot. Try to match that location on the other eye. Once you’re even, paint an actual line from the outer corner of your eye up to the point you picked. Then, with your eye closed, start lining as usual, following along your lash line and up the flick you’ve created. Keep adding little by little, until you hit the high-drama thickness you want. Meow!

6. Line your bottom lash line with a standard pencil-style liner, then blend slightly for a smoky effect.

7. If you’re a fan of false lashes, now’s the time to add them. Apply a little glue to the lashes, let it sit for a second or two to get tacky, then lightly tap them into place. Get as close to your actual lashes as you can, and move quickly. Sometimes it helps to use the end of a makeup brush to move things around.

8. Apply a high-volume mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

9. Pop some pale pink gloss to your lips, and you’ll be lookin’ glam for your get-together!

+ Which decade do YOU turn to for makeup inspiration?

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