Kitty Couture: One Hot Cat’s Makeup Collection for Humans

Image via W magazine

Today’s pets are particularly spoiled. They have their own Instagram accounts, dedicated Facebook pages, and Pinterest boards with a plethora of pampering products to keep them happy and entertained.

Kept fauna rule our tiny worlds, and we’ve long suspected they’re plotting to take over the universe. One sly and chic cat has made her intentions known by moving ahead with her empire development and peddling beauty products for humans.

Meet Choupette, daughter of famous designer Karl Lagerfeld, and the first It Girl of kitty couture.

Image via Mirror

Ms. Lagerfeld, a social media maven with tens of thousands of Twitter followers and her own personal maids, will be the star of Shu Uemura’s holiday makeup collection: Shupette. The Japanese brand’s capsule collection is slated to include false furry eyelashes so ladies everywhere can indulge in their own kitty couture.

Image via Women’s Wear Daily

We have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of Choupette soon, as her makeup collection will be released upon the kitten heels of her biography, Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat.

+ What do you think of kitty couture: Brilliant or nonsense?

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