Get Ghoulish with our Zombie Makeup Tutorial

New Ghoul Halloween Costume, via Story by ModCloth

How could you not love a holiday centered around candy and costumes? If you haven’t guessed already, we here at ModCloth are simply mad for Halloween, and we’ve been counting down the days until All Hallows Eve with cute costumes, decorative DIYs, and today, an eye-catching undead make-up tutorial!

If you were left feeling inspired by our latest Modster Mash costume, “New Ghoul,” you’re in luck – we’re sharing all the gruesome details on how we created the look in our studio. Whether you’re looking to replicate the entire look itself or simply seeking an easy to achieve zombie make-up tutorial, the steps below will take you from alive and well to the grooviest ghoul in school!

ModCloth's Zombie Make-up Tutorial

“New Ghoul” Zombie Make-up Tutorial

What we used (available at most costume shops):
2 ply facial tissue
Graftobian brand blood paste
Mehron brand liquid latex
Mehron brand color cup in green
Ben Nye brand f/x color wheel in CK-1 Bruises
Ben Nye neutral set colorless face powder
False lashes
Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes black liner
Small make-up brush
Foundation brush
Makeup sponge
Metal stipple sponge

1. Begin with a clean, makeup-free face. Decide where you’ll be building your wound and brush a small amount of liquid latex onto that area. Cover with a layer of facial tissue and, using your tweezers, pick the tissue little by little to create texture.

2. For the neck wound, apply a light layer of liquid latex, just as you did on your face. Next, take a four-inch section of facial tissue, roll it in your hand, and apply to the latex. Repeat on the opposite side. Brush a light layer of liquid latex over the tissue rolls to seal them.

3. As the latex dries, continue to add small amounts of tissue to your “wounds,” picking with tweezers as you go to create more texture.

4. To create an undead pallor, mix small amounts of dark beige (in the CK-1 Bruises color wheel) and green color cup foundations, slowly building the color. Once the desired hue is achieved, use a make-up brush to apply the makeup to your face and neck, being careful to blend your ears and any exposed hairline.

5. Next, using a makeup brush, apply lavender-hued liquid makeup (from the CK-1 Bruises color-wheel) to your eyes, and around each wound. Use a makeup sponge to apply a light wash of lavender around your hairline, neck, and nose.

6. Using a color to match, accentuate the arch in your eyebrows and, following the instructions of the package, apply fake eyelashes, adding an exaggerated cat-eye with the black eye-liner pencil.

7. Next, apply a light layer of Ben Nye neutral set colorless face powder to set your foundation and add to your deathly tone.

8. Continue to add lavender to your wounds and any areas you’d like to accentuate. Add a little blood red lipstick

9. Using the metal stipple sponge, pat on more purple for a slightly splattered effect. This step is also a great time to slip into the rest of your costume and fix your hair, as you’ll soon be adding blood to complete your look.

10. Dipping into your Graftobian brand blood paste, apply blood to the hollows of each wound, building as you go.

11. Add small splatters of blood in and around your wounds, across your hairline, and anywhere else you feel could stand to be a little more disgusting. Finish up the look with a few accessories and your best zombie shuffle, and prepare to scare the pants off anyone who crosses your adorably undead path!

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