Nail Klub: Dazzling Nail Art Ideas Inspired by Party Dresses

Nail art inspiration can come from anywhere, but we here at Nail Klub often find ourselves looking to fashion for fresh ideas. This is an especially smart trick when prepping for glitzy holiday parties – translating a pattern from your outfit into polish art not only guarantees a coordinated ensemble, but adds a bit more visual intrigue than would a simple, solid shade. To help kick-start the festive season, we picked two of our favorite party dresses, and created easy-to-achieve nail-art designs based on their notable details. Who says matchy-matchy can’t be marvelous?


When the Klub spotted the sparkling splendor of the Starlight Hearted Dress (Above), we were eager to recreate its ethereal beauty in polish. After painting our nails grey, we lightly sprinkled the wet polish with shimmery bronze eyeshadow – a simple trick that instantly added dimension and extra twinkle to the look. Then, we echoed the dress’s sequin effect by dotting silver and copper polish shades along the base of each nail. We suggest finishing this look with a clear top coat and a radiant pewter dress, but we bet it’d look just as luminous alongside dark skinnies, brogues, and a tailored blouse and blazer.


Like the perfect party cocktail, the Pretty as Punch Dress is sweet and bursting with flavorful flair. The frock’s signature squiggles proved to be great inspiration for adding foolproof pizzazz to plain coral nails. Using a nail art pen – you could also use a skinny art or makeup brush – we mimicked the black waves and dots rippling across the bodice of the dress. When trying this look, don’t worry about perfectly copying the dress’s pattern or making every nail match – the more imaginative and carefree your designs are, the more playful and unique your nail art will be. Not quite a pink party dress type of gal? Wear these nails with a muted version of your favorite hue, such as goldenrod, evergreen, or plum, to give your outfit an unexpected twist!

What ModCloth dresses would you love to see transformed into nail art? Share your ideas below!

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  1. Katana Leigh 08/10/2014 at 12:10 pm #

    Here is my version of nails fora ModCloth dress!

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