Nailed It: Mani + Dress Match Made in Heaven

When your mani perfectly matches the print of your favorite dress, you know your nail game is on point. That’s why we have gone absolutely ga-ga over this fabulous fingertip flair created by Hannah Rox It!

Inspired by our Sight for Sunrise Dress, this marvelous mani features a mint green base, white polka dots, and a sprinkling of red and pink roses. We simply could not adore it more!

It also has us thinking… What other pretty ModCloth prints would translate into a killer nail look?

Let us know which peppy pattern you’d like to see translated into fingertip fashion in the comments below, and we’ll whip it up for our next nail tutorial!

Here are a few of our faves to get you started…

Botanist Conference Dress $69.99
I Rest My Grace Dress in Artistic Blossoms $64.99
Now I've Sheen Everything Dress $129.99
Current Expression Dress $99.99

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