Nail Klub: We Present a Holiday Present Manicure!

Who doesn’t love the holidays? The decorations, the food, the dresses, the songs… and did I mention the food? With the celebratory spirit of the season in mind, we here at Nail Klub concocted the perfect present for you, our fantastic followers – a gift-inspired nail design complete with a real bow! Tiny bows (we found ours in the craft store ribbon section for about two dollars), a bit of nail glue, and a few pretty polishes are all you need to give your nails the gift of glamour.

Just imagine flaunting these festive fingertips while you’re clinking champagne flutes or hanging ornaments!

What special outfits, accessories, or beauty tricks make your holiday style sparkle? Share your most festive fashion advice in the comments below!

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Anna's the kind of don't-take-yourself-too-seriously gal who can spend an evening at Monday Night Raw and then turn around and write about nail designs and glitter with just as much sincere, unadulterated delight. She's a firm believer in cats' ability to see ghosts, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the fact that if she wishes enough, she'll never have to iron again.

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3 Responses to Nail Klub: We Present a Holiday Present Manicure!

  1. Tania 12/19/2012 at 3:54 pm #

    this is really cute! i am obsessed with bows, so i think i’m gonna try this real soon 🙂

  2. Nightshade 06/25/2013 at 2:22 pm #


  3. kate 12/23/2013 at 9:50 am #

    how to make that bow my self?

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