These ’90s-Style Yummy Scented Nail Stickers Are Next Level

Image via Oh Sweet Day!

The only things cuter than actual mini pastries are those you can don on your nails. The new Flirty and Dessert-y Nail Stickers have our senses in a tizzy, as they’re not only pleasing to the eye, but also a delight for the nose.

These scratch-and-sniff stickers take nail art to the next level.

With 44 appliqu├ęs per pack, you can totally let your dessert design flair run wild. Indulge in chocolate-scented cupcakes, cake slices, ice cream cones, and tiny but proud proclamations of “I Heart Choc.” Wouldn’t your delicious nails look just so darling as you curl your fingers around a nice hot cup of cocoa to celebrate the fall?

Image via 52 Kitchen Adventures

With what outfit would you pair these delicious stickers?

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