Style Glossary: The Eco in Friendly!

The Eager to Recycle Tote was made, in part, by remanufactured grain sacks and melted plastics.

Ever wonder what’s so green about eco-friendly items when your purchase them? This Style Glossary post will help you win the guessing game of conscious buying! The handy tote above was made of 95% postconsumer material, which means all of those plastic take-out containers and soda bottles you carefully sorted into recycling bins may have been reincarnated into items like this one. Discarded waste paper, which has been remanufactured into recycled paper products is another example of smart uses for postconsumer material.

Are any of your favorite fashionable pieces made from items with past lives?

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  1. C 04/27/2011 at 2:07 pm #

    I really like turning my old (no longer wearable) band Ts into new things. So far I have made a throw pillow, a scarf and a dress. I’ve found some cool recycled things on other sites, but here I think my favorite is the Meal Deal Lunch Set.

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