Your New Favorite Nail Art DIY is Here: Tattoo Manicure

I’ve been playing with the idea of getting another tattoo for years. Like so many other lower back-sporting ink-wearers, I got my first one at 18, but for some reason, now that I’m an adult or whatever, I’m terrified to get back in the chair. On the elbow; under the wrist — oh the places I’d mark up!

But since I haven’t been able to muster that superpower from my youth (read: teenage angst), I’ve had to find alternate ways to get my point across. For when temp tats don’t fit the bill and you want to let your creativity run loose, I present to you: tattoo-inspired phrase nails. They’re pretty genius.

I went and spent some time with the super talented Mia at her nail studio Sparkle in San Francisco. I told her of my desire for some phrase inspo, and she whipped up this killer combo in a flash. Similar to the rose type you’d find at most ink parlors, she painted my nails to perfection.

Check out the steps below:

tattoo phrase nails

A tattoo manicure

on 08/21/2014

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