Virtual Realities

(Above image: My Mad Men “me” having a highball of bourbon with Don Draper after a long day of writing ad copy.)

  • We’re crazy about the AMC series “Mad Men,” and we know that many of you are, too! If you’ve ever fantasized about being a part of your favorite television show, well, all of your dreams are about to come true with, where you can create an ultra stylish, early-60’s virtual version of yourself!
  • You know the 80’s movie “Ghost Busters,” starring Bill Murray and Slimer, right? Would you be surprised to find out that this was a re-make of a movie originally made thirty years prior? At least that’s true in an alternate reality. A fan of the “Ghost Busters” franchise and user by the name of whoiseyevan has taken clips from old black and white films and created a trailer for a 1954 version of “Ghost Busters” that never really existed…in this universe, anyhow.
  • Speaking of alternate pasts, I am a huge fan of Pittsburgh-based artist, Ben Matthews, who creates characters and critters in his artwork that “exist at the edges of sideshows, of archaic advertisement, and of storybooks none of which ever quite manifested themselves in our reality.” It appears that he hasn’t updated his site in a few years, but I still recommend checking out some of his parallel universe pieces.

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  1. Rebecca 07/31/2009 at 10:56 am #

    Hey, I did the Madmen yourself too! It was fun! And I have the music stuck in my head.

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