Style Tips for the Morning AFTER the Party

Waking Up Is Hard to Do: Tips for the Morning AFTER the Party

You wore the heck out of that stunning party dress. Your hair was on point. Your lipstick neither feathered nor faded, and both — count ’em, both — twinkling earrings stayed perfectly in place through your every twirl and twist. You danced till dawn (and then some) before crashing happily into your pillow with visions of loved ones still grooving and giggling in your mind. And then…

Whirr-whirrwhirr-whirr… the familiar buzz of your phone filling with brunch invites while you lay feeling sleepy and let’s face it, a little schlubby, in bed. Where did the time go? What in the world is your hair doing? How are you going to pull yourself together in time for today’s morning fun?

We’ve got some ideas for all you night-owls-turned-early-birds out there, including a hair how-to and some style ideas for a look that’s legit lazy-beautiful.

Style Tips for the Morning AFTER the Party

Marketing Producer (turned model) Marne is looking comfy and cool in her graphic tee.

Drink a Bunch of Water

Whether your evening involved one champagne flute too many or just a whirlwind of energetic, dance-fueled exertion, your body could probably do with a little hydration. Drink some water (tea counts!) while you figure out your ensemble to help perk up your mood, your mind, and your complexion, too.

Refresh Your Tresses

Last night’s hair went through a lot, but it doesn’t have to look like it did. Give your locks a much-needed boost by dusting dry texturizing powder into your roots to soak up any excess oils. If you’re struggling with fly-aways and frizz, take a flat iron, and glide it over your hair. The trick here is to not close the iron all the way — keeping it open helps settle your strands without unintentionally zapping volume.

Style Tips for the Morning AFTER the Party

‘Do It Up

Disguise your second-day hair even more by pulling it back into a half-up, half-down ‘do. Pull the top layer of your hair back (you can choose to include your bangs or leave them out) into a little ponytail. Twist the ponytail up and around itself, creating a small bun, and pin it as you go. If your hair is on the thin side, fan out your pony and mist it with hairspray before twisting for extra volume. Finally, tug at the bun gently to get your desired fullness.


Pro-tip from ModCloth hair guru, Marissa: Using the right bobby pin will save you time and help your hair stay fab all day. The rule? The thicker your hair, the wider the pin should be.

Style Tips for the Day AFTER the Party

Wake Up Your Makeup

Your skin is probably already pretty weary from last night’s full-face look, so take a less-is-more approach with this morning’s makeup. If you didn’t fit it in before bed, give your face a thorough cleansing, then treat your skin to its favorite moisturizer. From there, focus on the essentials — a touch of concealer under the eyes, a kiss of dewy cream blush on your cheeks, lightly tinted gloss, and your favorite mascara. Bonus points if you curl your lashes — it’ll help your eyes look perkier and help you feel more put-together.

Ease into an Effortless Ensemble

Dressing to impress doesn’t mean compromising comfort. There’s no better time to take advantage of the leggings-with-everything trend than a sleepy morning. To avoid looking too pajama chic, incorporate unexpected textures into your look. Leggings with a subtle sheen help you look less sleepover and more classy brunch. A nubbly cardigan and simple sneakers will help your outfit look finished and carefully composed. Top everything with a long necklace, gemstone earrings, a sophisticated bag, and an on-trend coat, and no one will be able to tell you just rolled out from under the covers.


And voila! Just like that, you’re feeling fresh and ready for another day of friends and fun. Did we miss any of your go-to tips? Share your advice in the comments, and have a fantastic day, fashion lover!

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