Nail Klub: The Washi Tape Trick That Will Transform Your Next Mani


If there’s one thing we’re sweet on, it’s imaginative nail art. We’re not just talking, “Wow, isn’t that creative!” but imaginative as in a couple of Nail Klub regulars getting together, playing around with colors, and literally creating a fun new design technique in the moment.

That’s exactly how this bright and beautiful nail design came to be. Bree, whose delightfully tattooed forearm has graced a number of our DIYs, was playing around with using washi tape as a DIY stencil. Here’s how she created the look:

  • Use washi tape to tape off a section of your nail.
  • Paint the exposed section of nail. You’ll only need a small amount of polish – too much polish could leave you with a not-so-sharp line.
  • While the polish is wet, gently peel back the tape, creating a precise edge.
  • Wait until that polish is super-duper, 100%, not-going-anywhere dry. Seriously, wait it out – it’ll save you from a mess later on.
  • Tape off another section to paint with a different color. You’ll want to put tape over the already-painted section, too.
  • Paint away.
  • Peel back the tape, and thank yourself for being patient with your first section of polish, which should still be smooth and smudge-less.
  • Repeat until you’ve covered your nail with shapes.

Once her shapes were complete, Bree picked up a skinny brush and created a bunch of fun patterns to punctuate her design. You might try something similar, or experiment with your own details and shades. Inspiration rules, but Nail Klub is all about making your nail design, well… YOUR nail design. Use your imagination, and don’t forget to show us what you come up with!


+ Try anything new with your nails lately? Let us know your techniques in the comments!

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    ahhhhh I love this!!!

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