Follow These 10 Steps for Fail-Proof Wedding Beauty

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Still in the planning stages of your wedding and worried about how you’ll orchestrate all that hair and makeup pampering the morning of? We stumbled across some fail-proof beauty tips on xoVain that will help you achieve the look you want (hint: it requires mapping it out WAY ahead of time). And be sure to send them a thank you when you’re done reading. Here they are:

1. Thou shalt do a trial run first.
All the makeup artists and hair stylists of my acquaintance say that this is the MOST IMPORTANT thing that you can do, pre-event. Many even include a trial run in their prom and wedding packages. Bring photos to your trial so that you can clearly show the person you’re working with what you want or what you like. If something doesn’t work for you–say you end up more Kardashian than Katherine Hepburn–SPEAK UP in the trial run.

2. Thou shalt not pick hair or makeup that is unreasonably complicated.
I’ve written about this before, but it’s still really important that you NOT make a first attempt at an elaborate Pinterest updo 20 minutes before you leave the house. The same thing goes with makeup. Stick with something that you know looks good and makes you feel gorgeous.?? If you aren’t sure what your look should be, do some homework! Look through some magazines and blogs (like this one) for a bunch of awesome inspiration. And if you’re still not sure, do a few trial runs, set the timer on your camera, and take some pictures to see how you’re looking!

For the rest of the survival steps, head on over to xoVain.

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