A Partnership with She Should Run for International Women’s Day

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At ModCloth, we celebrate the diverse women in our community each and every day, but today is special. Today is International Women’s Day, a moment for people from around the world to join us in honoring the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

This year, IWD’s theme is #BalanceForBetter, and what an amazing year to celebrate the steps we’ve made towards a gender-balanced world! More than a century after the first woman was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, a record number of women are now serving in the 116th Congress.

Many of those women are the “first” of some kind: the first Muslim women, the first openly bisexual person, and the first female Senators from states like Mississippi and Tennessee were all elected last November. Regardless of their respective identities or political affiliations, those women all have one thing in common: they decided to run for office, and they won.

She Should Run (Yes, You!)
For lots of women, running for office can be intimidating. They may have never seen a female mayor, governor, or senator serving where they live. Deciding to run—and ultimately winning—all begins with a spark of self-confidence and the determination to make one’s voice heard, no matter the obstacles. It also takes a lot of support.

That’s where She Should Run gets involved. By providing community, resources, and growth opportunities, the nonpartisan nonprofit has helped more than 26,000 women prepare to run for office since it was founded in 2011.

ModCloth believes in the mission of She Should Run. So much so that some of us have even participated in She Should Run programming. ModCloth Chief of Staff Janine was a member of the She Should Run Incubator’s Virtual Cohort of 2018.

Janine’s story is all too familiar: “I’ve always thought about running for office, but really had no idea where to start or what being an elected official would really entail,” she says. Rather than letting that prevent her from ultimately seeking office, she turned to She Should Run for help. Janine’s cohort consisted of about 25 women from across the country. She says, “It was really inspiring and encouraging to see all these different women with different backgrounds pursuing elected office. I felt like if they could do it, I could do it,” she says.

The Incubator, and She Should Run’s other programming, helps women like Janine build networks, cultivate leadership skills, and foster communication in the hopes of making gender parity at all levels of government a reality.

She Should Run has a big goal to increase the number of women running for office to 250,000 by 2030, and ModCloth is thrilled to announce that we are empowering YOU to help them make it happen.

Starting today, with every purchase of our exclusive “Your Voice Has Power” Graphic Tee, designed by illustrator Mary Kate McDevitt, ModCloth is donating 100% of the purchase price to She Should Run, for a maximum donation of $15,000.*

Getting to Know Mary Kate McDevitt
Mary Kate is an illustrator based in Philadelphia who loves thrifting, hanging with her cat Peppy Mew Mew, and making art that “promotes confidence.”

She thinks that everyone can use their voice to make an impact, and says, “It can feel like there’s very little an individual can do but that’s only true if you keep your values and issues you find important to yourself. Small acts of kindness or getting someone to think from a different perspective is like a ripple effect that can lead to bigger changes.”

She led her hand-lettering expertise to this project in support of She Should Run and believes, “Ultimately, when women prosper so does the community.”

Peep her process below!

*For each “Your Voice Has Power” T-shirt sold online at ModCloth.com between March 8, 2019 and April 19, 2019, ModCloth will donate 100% of the purchase price ($25.00) to She Should Run, up to a maximum of $15,000. Supplies are limited. She Should Run’s mission is to expand the talent pool of women running for office in the U.S. by providing community, resources, and growth opportunities for aspiring political leaders.


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