Brittany Gibbons Is the Bomb

Not gonna lie — I’ve long admired Brittany Gibbons. On her blog, Brittany, Herself, she gives the best advice (only read this with tissues nearby) and shares her body-positive POV, along with rad recipes and a whole host of other awesome things. She’s given a TED Talk that undoubtedly went down in TED Talk history after she stripped down on stage. She owns and runs an adult summer camp. (Yup, you read that right.) She’s married to her high school sweetheart with three lovely children. Oh, and she just wrote a memoir — Fat Girl Walking. She is a one-woman powerhouse of positivity, wisdom, and all-around wonderfulness.

Find out what motivates her in the video below, then read our Q&A with her to get seriously inspired.

You wrote a book! (And it’s awesome.) Have you always wanted to be an author?

Between us, I think most bloggers are really just authors, just killing time online until we finish our novel. I was no exception, but somewhere along the line, I fell in love with the internet. I was able to build a massive community and have instant back and forth about every aspect of my life, helping women in real time. That can be addicting and scary to leave for something as daunting and slow-paced as a book.

Out of all the words, stories, and chapters in Fat Girl Walking, what’s your favorite line?

“I’m not obligated or required to accept negative commentary about my looks.” It’s an incredibly freeing thing.

For three years running now, you’ve posed in a bikini for the whole world wide internet. What is your secret to legit swimsuit confidence?

Absolute defiance. I am tired of waiting until my body fit some crazy hard standard of beauty to feel sexy within it. I lost years, whole entire years, to fear and body hate.


You’re happily married to your high school sweetheart with three children. You have a successful blog. You wrote a book. TED talk? Yup, you did that, too. You have inspired, given advice to, and provided a sense of acceptance and belonging to scores of people. What’s been your proudest moment so far?

It’s totally crazy, but I run an adult summer camp called Camp Throwback, and I just returned home from our May session. Standing in the dining hall with a megaphone, welcoming 120 new “campers” to the week long experience always chokes me up. Everyone just wants to feel included and valued, I’m honored and so blown away to have created that. Also, I’ll never stop being shocked people actually show up to help make my crazy summer camp dream come true!

After 10 years of wedded bliss, do you have any happily-ever-after marriage maintenance tips you could share?

First, realize romance doesn’t always mean flowers. When Andy fills my empty gas tank without me asking, it’s basically foreplay! Second, be okay with being selfish with your relationship. Ditching our kids for a night or two away keeps us refreshed, flirty, and motivated to keep parenting together, even when it’s hard and messy.


How would you describe your style?

My closet is a split personality of feminine dresses and flowy boho pieces. Marrying the two is my jam.

On your blog, you talk about feeling like you didn’t ‘fit in’ when you were younger. What advice would you give to the gals and guys out there feeling that way today?

It was painful. But, going through that made me a stronger and way more interesting adult. The reality is, easy is never interesting. Take this time to learn about yourself. It’s a cliche to say it gets better, but I promise you, it totally does!

+Check out Brittany, along with the awe-inspiring Micki Krimmel and Emily V. Gordon, in our latest style story!


About Natalie

As the owner of three small, fluffy dogs, Natalie has accepted the fact that dog hair being everywhere and on everything is just part of her lifestyle now. She cannot stop decorating (and redecorating) her home, and lives by Robert Venturi's words, "Less is a bore." Fresh flowers, floral print dresses, and a good gin and tonic are just a few of her favorite things.

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  1. Avatar
    Charlotte 06/09/2015 at 10:04 am #

    “Easy is never interesting”… I love it. 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Andrea 06/10/2015 at 12:17 pm #

    How refreshing! The idea of not being obliged to accept negative comments seems like such common sense, but it’s something I think a lot of us could learn! Thank you for sharing you insight, love it!

  3. Avatar
    Judith Miller 06/13/2015 at 11:25 am #

    I’m a 76 yr old/young retired social worker in Kansas who is now writing…….something I have wanted to do all my life. I have interesting experiences to talk about on a blog site, lots of ideas about “things,” political commentary from the left, and STORIES…….lots of stories. I have an unending imagination and just have to figure out how to express it. I am interested in blogging for that particular reason…….just haven’t figured it all out yet !

    I enjoyed reading about you and hope that you continue to be listened to, followed, and growing as we all should be. Keep it up, and I’ll be hanging out with you as a follower ………

  4. Avatar
    Viktoria 06/13/2015 at 12:20 pm #

    The next time my mother-in-law calls me fat…this is how I intend to respond to her…
    “I’m not obligated or required to accept negative commentary about my looks”!! That is an awesome thing to say. I hate that people judge my worth by my weight and she is the worst when it comes to that! Thank you for being a wonderful inspiration!

  5. Avatar
    Anne 06/13/2015 at 1:03 pm #

    Great and positive interview.
    I think it is really inspiring how Brittany respects and loves herself at the moment in time.
    I feel too many people think they will only love and accept themselves once they have the ‘perfect’ relationship, or reach a particular weight, or get a certain job, and then they miss out on enjoying the present time.

    Love the quote: “I’m not obligated or required to accept negative commentary about my looks.”

    Thank you Brittany and Natalie XX.

  6. Avatar
    Lori 06/13/2015 at 6:02 pm #

    I wish every girl, especially every girl who is walking around with a cockeyed negative view about herself, could see, hear and read more about female role models who not only may look like her, but who definitely feel like her. All those wasted years — those painful, heartbreaking years — should be overcome by learning and accepting that she is NOT defined by what other people think of her. I also wish that there were repercussions, tough repercussions, for the kind of people who think bullying and bashing someone about weight (or anything else) is an acceptable behavior.

  7. Avatar
    Linda 06/14/2015 at 9:28 am #

    She’s published a book, built a massive online community and inspired thousands — and you asked her about her marriage advice?! Would a man be asked that? Smh

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