Thinking of Adopting a Cat? Our ModEmployees Give You the 411

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We’re pet lovers here at ModCloth, from our dogs to our cats and everything in between, our animal companions are like family, and many of these furry fam members just happen to be adopted. In celebration of National Adopt-a-Cat Month, we polled our ModEmployees for their cat-adoption tips, tricks, and stories. Check out what they have to say below, and be sure to add your own animal adoption story in the comments:

“I’d never had a cat, and didn’t plan on it, but when Mango (shown above) and I met, it was love at first sight. We met through a mutual friend, Nicole. Nicole’s cat, Lemon, had ran away from home and a woman reached out to Nicole and said that she had found Lemon. When Nicole went to pick her up, it turned out to be the wrong cat! She took her home anyways, hoping to find this new cat (Mango) a good home. Nicole told me about Mango and said that I should come over and meet her. Mango and I instantly fell in love and now we’re inseparable. I taught her to sit and speak, and we’re working on “paw” but she doesn’t really care about it.” — Rachel, AP Specialist

“For anyone who is nervous about adopting a second cat, we got my little white cat when my older cat was, like, ten years old and they quickly became fast friends, despite him being an “only cat” for all those years.” — Katie, Merchandise Copywriter

“I had been obsessively searching for a cat on Petfinder for about a year before I moved into a house where I was allowed to have a pet. I fell head over heels for Odessa in that time and would check her page almost daily before I finally moved and could have her for my own! She has adapted well, from a foster home full of animals to our home where she was an only child for a few months, and now has a dachshund little sister. They play-fight a lot, but every once in a while I catch them snuggling together when nobody is looking.” — Kate, Care ModStylist

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“Lola and Chloe became my “children” a few years apart: I found Lola (the calico) in the woods when she was about six weeks old and it was absolutely love at first sight; Chloe was adopted from a local shelter at about eight months old after she had been found with other animals in an abandoned house. Because of that, she was extremely nervous and shy when she first came home and didn’t come out from under the couch for a few days. But after some coaxing and just a few treats, she emerged and got used to her new home. The two have very different personalities: Lola is bossy, loud, and independent, where Chloe is sweet, loving, and needy. They’re the perfect match.” — Natalie, Care Communications Specialist

“I adopted William a few years ago. He was a real wild child but after five years and a few Reiki sessions, he has mellowed into a real sweet boy. Mind you, he still gets a little sour — but like a fine wine, he is aging pretty well.” — Emily, ModStylist Manager

Gimlet and Whiskey
“After losing my beloved Shalimar, who was found in a shelter in Napa, I was very sad for several months. Then, I went to visit the SF SPCA in the Mission district and liked the facilities and the animal care. My husband and I adopted Gimlet who is a fun, yet sassy cat — she even spent time at Macy’s during the holiday window season — and she refilled my heart with joy. We moved to the Mission a year later and I became a volunteer at SPCA on the cat program — hospital side mainly — as animals there were the most in need of human contact and love. If you knew me via social media back then, you would have seen my postings of thousand of cat pics as I needed to tell the world how cute the adoptable cats and kittens were. Eventually I fell for little Whiskey and convinced my husband that we needed a companion for Gimlet. After showing some jalousie while Whiskey was settling in, Gimlet loves him like a little brother today. They compliment each other well and fill my heart with even more joy day after day.” — Rachel, Executive Assistant

“This is Zorro, she’ll be 17 in October. She and five other little ones were born under our house in Long Beach, CA. She and her brother, Tigger, ended up staying on with us. They were a little feral back then, but you wouldn’t know it now, Zorro’s such a cuddle buddy and lover — see the heart on her side? Seven years ago I made the trek with them cross-country to Pittsburgh, it was a loud trip, them singing away in their cage, but we made it! Sadly, Tigger passed away last year. Zorro is now enjoying her solo retirement, lazing in the sun, begging for scratches and meowling for treats. I indulge her, she deserves it.” — Carrie, Head of Retouching

“Here’s Serafina. She’s 12 now, and she’s been my copilot since kittenhood. She came from a litter in the Pittsburgh suburb where I grew up. She tolerated a long cross-country plane trip when I moved to San Francisco three years ago, but she was a trooper. My advice on adopting is to consider the seniors! Older cats are often overlooked, but they are also often the sweetest, most appreciative, and most loving. And you can still get many wonderful years with them.” — Cindy, Senior Copy Strategist

“When I moved into an apartment that allowed animals, I knew I needed a cat because I missed my family pets so much! Pancakes was part of a small litter that was found by our very own Dan Loxterman. Dan has one of Pancakes’ siblings. Pancakes was so tiny when I first got him that he would sleep in an empty Birchbox box. He’s almost two now and still very energetic and affectionate. And so handsome!” — Sarah, Test Engineer

“My kitten — well, he’s almost one year now! Time flies! — was a SURPRISE Solstice gift from my husband. His full name is Gorbash Solstice Mills. He was a rescue from the SF SPCA. While he was at the SPCA he had a large cyst that grew to the size of a grapefruit attached to his belly — this thing was larger than him! — he had surgery to have it removed and to this day he LOVES having his belly rubbed and often falls asleep on his back with his belly fully exposed. He is a wonderful, playful, loving cat. He loves hugs and demands attention!” — Sophia, Receptionist

“Mowgli and Nuri were both adopted from separate animal shelters about five months apart from each other. Nuri is a total princess: 80% of the time she will only drink water from the faucet in the bathroom sink. She’s pretty into sunbathing on the bedroom windowsill and LOVES tuna. She can’t get enough. As soon as she hears the can opener, she’s right there waiting to chow down (and not share with her fellow feline roommate). I’m pretty convinced that Mowgli is actually part dog. He loves playing fetch and enjoys a good belly rub. When I first adopted Mowgli, he didn’t like to be held or to be around people so much. Now he’s the sweetest boy and the biggest cuddler. I strongly caution prospective cat parents to do their research before adopting, it’s important to be sure that you are 100% capable of caring for a pet. Adopting these two angels is easily one of the best things I’ve ever done.” — Shelby, Graphic Designer


“These are my furry, now middle-aged children: Mable – the sexy tabby, Emma – the sassy calico, and Pearl – the voluptuous tortie in the inflatable unicorn horn. My husband and I got these “purr-dy” ladies from the Nashville Humane Society over the span of a year and a half, and after some slow introductions (including a lot of under-the-couch-hiding and a few swats from the older gals), they eventually became best friends and expert cuddlers … which was great for that winter in Nashville when the heater was broken. Over the past six years, they’ve definitely grown more independent and, erm, catty, so while group cuddles might not happen anymore, they at least still all agree on heater-naps and laser pointer sessions.” — Allison, Recruiting Coordinator


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  1. Avatar
    Sarah Denise 06/26/2014 at 12:59 pm #

    So sweet! I have two sweet cats that I found on the streets of Philadelphia who live with me still (and five others who I helped find homes), and once I move into my new house, I’ll be canine-hunting as well! This was an adorable post. Thanks so much for sharing! <3

  2. Avatar
    ModMel 06/26/2014 at 1:03 pm #

    Late to the game, but I adopted Beatrice, aka Beebee, after I lost my Dad seven years ago. She is one of many cats that I have had in my life, and will not be the last! She got me through the roughest time in my life to date , but knowing I could laugh a little in the spite of life at the time, it was kismet that we met! A few years later, my husband and I acquired Dude, named after The Big Lebowski, of course, and he totally abides to the family! I couldn’t imagine life without them, nor should anyone else that enjoys unconditional love, a great laugh, and a little sass in their life!

  3. Avatar
    Teka 06/26/2014 at 5:16 pm #

    Modcloth — how great that you’re celebrating adopt-a-cat month!

    Well, I had thought I was a dog person, and I had been allergic to cats in the past. But I really wanted a pet, and was living in an apartment where dogs weren’t allowed but cats were, so I decided to volunteer at the SPCA to see if things had changed for me. Yes! While I brightened the day of quite a few dogs by walking them, I really enjoyed the cats too! And, probably due to having cleaned up my lifestyle over the past decade (no more smoking, much healthier food and lifestyle in general) I (hooray!) was not allergic to cats anymore. I wanted to be absolutely sure I wasn’t before I adopted one, because it would be so sad — even sadder for the kitty than for me — to adopt one and have to return it. By researching, I learned you can do things to keep cat allergies from developing if you’re worried about that, as I was — #1 is to keep the cats out of the bedroom, hard as that seems!)

    After spending lots of time as a volunteer “cat socializer,” you see the super-gorgeous and/or super-friendly cats (and of course ALL the kittens) get adopted quickly but you also get to notice that certain cats are wonderful but it’s not obvious right away, so they’re less likely to be adopted. I decided to adopt two of those: one that had only one eye and another who was shy with strangers (but affectionate with me!)

    I’m so glad I adopted them! They add so much to my life. One’s a lap cat, the other’s not, but both are big-time cuddlers! They didn’t like each other at first but now they play together and keep each other and me entertained. I am so, so happy to have them. Especially on days that haven’t gone so well, they cheer me up and make me laugh, and I’m happy to be able to give them a home they can run around in, and lots of affection. I love my 2 kitties! We’ve made each others’ lives better!

    If you’re thinking of adopting a cat and you know you can keep it for the rest of its life and take good care of it, go to the SPCA and see who’s there! If you have time to volunteer, that’s even better — you can cheer up a lot of animals who are bored and lonesome and get to know them better so that you can find the ones that seem just right for you! Happy adopt-a-cat month!

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