Our Second Annual Scavenger Hunt Goes ’80s to Raise Funds for Charity

ModCloth Employee Scavenger Hunt

This month, ModCloth’s Charitable Giving Committee asked employees to strap on their thinking caps and put on their game faces for our second annual ModCloth Scavenger Hunt! Across our East and West Coast offices, employees split into teams, donated money for the prize pool, and then scoured their cities in search of ’80s-themed tasks and items. The team with the most points at the end won the honor of choosing which charity we’d donate the collected proceeds to.

ModCloth Employee Scavenger Hunt

Our winners were employees Katie, Sarah, Nicole, and Anna of Team Steve Martin. These ’80s experts completed 26 of the 30 tasks from the scav’ hunt checklist, including everything from “mimicking the cover of Sixteen Candles” to “finding anything featuring the Atari logo.” Team Steve Martin’s chosen charity was youth development organization Rock to the Future, which provides free music education classes and tutoring to low-income students in Philadelphia. Rock on!

Can you guess what some of the silly scavenger hunt tasks were, based on the photos above?

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