Twist & 'Sprout': ModCloth 'Digs' into Urban Farming

This month, MC’s Charitable Giving Committee chose urban farming for its hands-on volunteer opportunity to increase awareness of sustainable living among our employees while supporting the eco-initiatives of our surrounding neighborhoods. We even wanted to include you in some of the green-thumb fun and inserted complimentary plantable seed cards into the first 1,500 orders shipped out on Monday.

Located within walking distance of our San Francisco headquarters, Hayes Valley Farm is a 2.2 acre, community-run non-profit dedicated to urban agriculture education. Our day began with an informational site tour where veteran volunteers explained the ins-and-outs of permaculture design, agricultural systems that integrate human activity within natural surroundings in a way that creates self-sustaining ecosystems.

We were welcomed to help ourselves to their co-op-style Seed Library, shown how worm box composting works, and we even got to see where SFBeecause keeps its hummin’ honey-makers before some of our folks ended the day by flipping composting piles.

All in all, the experience ‘cultivated’ a sure sense of camaraderie and a healthy hunger for more volunteer work.

How are you laying ‘roots’ in your community?

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