Announcing the Meow About That Contest!

Caption this cat! What words will you give to Marketing Campaign Writer Angela’s photogenic feline? Also, if you want to learn how to make some of the toys above, watch our DIY video.

You know how that old saying goes — verbosity thrilled the cat. Okay, maybe it doesn’t go quite like that, but you get the idea, right? Well, in celebration of MewsWeek, we’ve been filling our blog, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter pages with feline-friendly fun all week long!

So if you’re ‘purr-ticularly’ fond of pouncing on puns, crafty captions, and lol-worthy lines, we invite you to play Meow About That on Twitter.

The rules are simple:  We want you to think of the perfect caption for the pretty kitty pictured above. Once you come up a winning ‘fe-line,’ tweet it with the hashtags #meowaboutthat and #modcloth — no need to send them to @ModCloth!

We’re awarding a $50 gift certificate to each of our three favorite entries. But first, be sure to read the details:

  • You must follow @ModCloth on Twitter to participate.
  • Contest begins September 28, 2011. You must tweet between 9 a.m. PT on September 28 and 9 a.m. PT on September 29 to be entered. No ifs, buts, or blog comments will count, and that’s ‘cat!’ 🙂
  • Again, no need to tweet @ModCloth — just make sure to include the hashtags #meowaboutthat and #modcloth in your entry.
  • Please only tweet from one account. You can submit multiple entries from your account.
  • Individuals are only able to win once.
  • By entering, you cross your heart that your phrase came from your mind alone! We realize that, since great minds think alike, there’s a chance that some captions may be repeated. If we love a caption that happens to have a duplicate, we will select the first person to enter it as a winner.
  • On September 29, we will announce the three winners on our blog.
  • Need more information? Check out our Official Contest Rules and Guidelines.

Well, what are you waiting for? Cat got your tongue? Go ‘fur’ it!

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