Announcing the Tweet – You’re ‘It’ Contest!

Did you ever know that you’re the wind beneath someone’s wardrobe wings? That, in their eyes, your fashion finesse flies higher than an eagle? No? Well, chances are, the person whose styling ingenuity influences your awesome outfits is completely unaware, too. But we’re giving you a chance to change all that with our new Twitter contest: Tweet — You’re ‘It’!

Your opportunity to announce your modish muse will last 24 hours, from 9 a.m. PT on 10/17 through 9 a.m. PT on 10/18. All you have to do is tweet the Twitter username of the garment guru you look up to, explain what you love about their look, and be sure to include the hashtags #tweetyoureit and #modcloth in your declaration. ModCloth will choose a winner at random, and both that person and their style icon will receive a $50 gift certificate!

But before you go gushing, please read these deets:

  • Both you and your nominee must follow ModCloth on Twitter to be eligible.
  • You do not need to tweet @modcloth in your submission.
  • You may enter more than once.
  • Entrants may use the following optional template: “@username is a fashion inspiration because… #tweetyoureit”
  • Fake or spam accounts will be disqualified.
  • Winners will be announced on Twitter.

And, if all this thinking of your fave fashionista is spurring an urge for a fresh, inspired ensemble, then now’s a good time to check out our awesome array of new arrivals!

2 Responses to Announcing the Tweet – You’re ‘It’ Contest!

  1. LocalCeleb 10/17/2011 at 9:05 am #

    AWESome can’t wait to play!

  2. agnesdeer 10/19/2011 at 1:16 pm #

    Done it! 🙂

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