Cute Finds Contest: Adoption Edition Winner

[Mattie, the winner of our Cute Find Contest, practicing her ‘sit’ command on right, and dressed for Christmas at the bottom. “Yes, she really does like to be dressed,” Sarah told us]

Thanks to everyone who shared their adoption tales with us! It was so heartwarming to read them all. It was also tough to choose a winner, but we loved Sarah’s story about her adopted kitty:

“Mattie is the sweetest cat I have ever met! I got her off Craigslist about two years ago from a couple who just had a baby with allergies. They found Mattie, just a few weeks old at the time, one cold snowy day on their front step. They said they didn’t think she would last, because she was barely breathing and had frostbite on one of her ears (you can see a small piece missing). The couple rushed her to the vet who saved her life. Mattie has been my savior time and time again. I believe fate brought Mattie to me because right before I got her, my Grandma Mattie passed. When I told them I was interested in the cat, I had no idea of her name until they dropped her off. Although she thinks she is a dog (she will come when called, follow the commands ‘sit & stay,’ and enjoys drinking out of the toilet) she is the best cat I could ever ask for! Mattie truly is my ‘cutest find’!”

Congrats, Sarah, you’ve won our Adopt A Kitty tote!
Keep reading to see the runners up that we just had to share.

[From left: Mona and Tessa]

Seana sent us a beautiful story about how she adopted her dogs. We’ve shortened it a little bit for the blog, but still kept plenty of our favorite cute details.

Seana was hiking with friends in the Red River Gorge when a dog began following her group. She called her Mona because “she had a smile just like the Mona Lisa.” Mona stayed by Seana’s side through the night. The next morning when Seana and one of her friends got lost on an early morning hike, Mona led them back to their campsite!

That day, the group decided they had to leave Mona behind when they drove across the Gorge to go rock climbing. But, Mona found them- 20 miles away! After being reunited with Mona, Seana told us,“I stayed behind for more than an hour checking with hikers that came by, asking if they recognized her or knew anyone who lost a dog that weekend. (It was obvious from her appearance that she did not just come that weekend; she was in poor condition.)”

Seana adopted Mona and said that “She would hang out at the radio station when I was a DJ, and was welcomed into every record store, coffee shop, and bar in town. She was as loyal as a dog could be. She loved everyone but would snub my ex-boyfriends- everything a girl could want in a best friend. You can’t teach a dog that! Unfortunately late in 2005 she was diagnosed with cancerous tumors in her throat. She passed away in February 2006. I was devastated. I lost someone who was more than my best friend. She is buried under her favorite tree on my parent’s farm.

I swore I would never get another dog, but I love animals. I started looking at but none of the dogs were Mona. One day, there was a Jack Russell /Schnauzer mix that grabbed my attention. I kept going back and looking at her picture online. Something about her just grabbed my heart. A week later I set up an appointment to visit the terrier named Tessa. That was February of last year and Tessa has been a part of my life ever since. She is shy, but loves to cuddle. She loves to curl up next you on the couch and rest her chin on your knee so she can watch TV. I have only had her a year and can’t wait for the years ahead that I get to spend with her.”

[Margerey created this great collage of her kitties!]

Margerey told us, “We love our adopted kitties. I would take in more if I could. Selphie, Vinnie, & Jojo were adopted from Kitty Kind in NYC; Nori came to us from the Humane Society of Missouri.

We started with Selphie (tabby). She had been found with a litter and by the time we got to her, all her kittens were gone and she happily started taking care of us instead.

Four months later we adopted Vinnie (Russian blue). He had been found behind a diner in the Bronx caring for a mother and her kittens that were not his. After he was rescued, he was kicked out of three homes before we adopted him. Apparently Vinnie was TOO loving for his other families. He is super needy, but I love to indulge him because he indulges me.

About a year later we adopted JoJo (orange). He was mostly blind when we adopted him. We took care of that with some meds, but he never stopped being a scaredy cat. He is the biggest and the scaredy-est of our cats, a lovable giant.

We moved to a bigger place in St. Louis, so we adopted 9-month-old Nori (black). She is a mischievous, we say “stinky,” little sister. She either sits on my desk (I work from home) or on my shoulders all day. One of her favorite things to do is take field trips with me to pick up the mail.”


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