Cute Finds Contest: The Adoption Edition

[Marne DJs at Remedy]

 Written by Crystal and Maggie

This Friday, our beloved image specialist, Marne, DJed at Remedy for the “It’s ALL the Rage: Animal Friends’ Benefit.” The music was fabulous, the raffle was amazing (I won a Gift Certificate to get a tattoo) and the drinks and snacks were delicious – they even served a special drink for the evening called “The Cheetah” (which features blueberries as spots)! We had a great time dancing, but the best part of the evening was learning that the event raised over $1,000 for the animal shelter. Congratulations to Kristen Dale and everyone who helped make this event such a success.

Keep reading for some of our pet adoption stories and the Cute Finds Contest details!


Although the no-kill shelter Animal Friends holds a special place in our hearts, we recognize the importance of supporting all organizations that are doing their part to rescue lost, sick and homeless animals. One of the reasons the event was held this past weekend is that April is Prevention-of-Animal-Cruelty Month. We were inspired by the success of “ALL the Rage” to share a few of our own adoption stories.


Eric F., one of our newest ModCloth employees, told us about how his mom adopted Toto:

“We don’t know how old he is because the folks at the shelter found him on the side of the road, on an off-ramp to the turnpike!  He’s the cutest little dog: very friendly, quiet, and well-behaved.  In fact, he was recently in Carnegie Mellon’s opera production, Street Scene, and stole the show every night.  A true rags-to-riches story.”

Maggie has also adopted two cats from Animal Friends: Sicily and the newest addition, Jax!

[Jax and Sicily]

Jax and Sicily were BFFS at the animal shelter before they ever met Maggie. She adopted Sicily last year and returned last weekend to give Jax a good home, too! The two cats haven’t completely recognized each other yet, but Maggie and her boyfriend are having fun watching them get reacquainted.

Another tie we have to Animal Friends is that Casey worked there before coming to ModCloth! She still remembers being touched by how passionate the employees were about finding each animal a good home.

And now… it’s your turn! Do you have a touching pet adoption story? Send it, along with a photo, to by Thursday @ 5 p.m EST. We’ll pick the cutest one for this Friday’s Cute Find! The winner will also receive this adorable Adopt-A-Kitty Tote!


2 Responses to Cute Finds Contest: The Adoption Edition

  1. Susan 04/10/2009 at 12:02 pm #

    This sounded like so much fun, I’m sad I missed it.

    Toto, Jax & Sicily are adorable!

  2. Marla 04/11/2009 at 7:20 am #

    These are the standard Toto questions: How old is your dog? (We don’t know.) What kind is he? (Cairn Terrier.) Can I pet him? (YES!)

    And the standard comments: He looks just like Toto! (He sure does!) He’s so cute! (It’s his survival strategy!) I didn’t know you could get a dog like that at a shelter. (Shelters are full of all kinds of dogs, NICE dogs!)

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