Find Out Why We Love Coco, This Month’s ModDog!

ModDog Coco
It’s always easy to tell when ModDog Coco is in the office – just follow the sound of ‘ooh’s and ‘awe’s emanating from Senior Cost Accountant, Eric’s, office! With her sweet demeanor and fluffy, cloud-soft coat, Coco, a five-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog in our Pittsburgh office, has no problem capturing the hearts of all who cuddle her.

Described by Eric as “gentle, playful, and intelligent,” when she’s not racking up admirers at the office, Coco enjoys lounging at home in the lap of luxury: “Her favorite place in our home is either on her bed by the fireplace, or in the cool air on the deck just outside the kitchen,” says Eric. While Coco may not have any pet-siblings just yet, she and Eric’s son, Gavin, make quite the dynamic duo: “She loves her Milkbone biscuits and Purina dental stix, but her favorite human food snack is anything Gavin drops on the floor!”

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  1. jennifer 02/26/2014 at 9:31 pm #

    very very cute!! thanks for this sweet pick me up article re Coco. I love the clothes, but I even love these little love tidbits about our four legged baby loves better, is that possible? yes.

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