Inherited Hauteness Contest Winners!

For our first-ever Tumblr contest, we teamed up with Chronicle Books to bring you the Inherited Hauteness Contest, inspired by Piper Weiss’ book, My Mom, Style Icon. You submitted pictures of your mod mamas in all their vintage glam glory, told us why they inspire you, and then we randomly selected two people to win a signed copy of My Mom, Style Icon and one person to win a signed copy of the book, plus a $100 gift card!

Now, please join us in complimenting the following Tumblr users on their fashionable genes:

Alison K. praises her mother’s timeless style and says, “Her ensemble illustrates her ability to pull together a simple outfit that is definitely worthy of attention.”

“She has a simple, yet elegant taste that, though many have tried, few can duplicate,” marvels Casey, in awe of her mother’s effortless fashion sense.

And finally, Andrea P., the recipient of our grand prize, celebrates the distinct styles of both her mom and grandmom in this multi-generational pictorial of poshness. She informs us that, “The fact that they stay true to themselves is what inspires me.”

We hope you heiresses of hauteness enjoy your prizes! And thanks to all who participated – your mothers must be so proud!

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  1. Naomi 05/13/2011 at 7:11 pm #

    Cute mommies! I would have submitted mine, but couldn’t find her fashionable 70s pics.

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