Short and Tweet Winner!

We realize this was a pretty hard contest, but we were so impressed with the clever stories that came flooding in. They were often funny, sometimes sad, and always unique; who needs novels when you have tweets like this? (Of course we really do need novels. Go books!) Some of you even joined Twitter just to enter the contest! So thank you to all of you for trying something new and giving us some wonderful stories to read in the process! Now without further ado, we present our winner!

Submitted by @Myumet, we thought this story did a really wonderful job of providing context, employing characterization, and establishing conflict.

Pressed for time and pressured to win, the aspiring stylist paired an unlikely outfit: a pink tutu and vintage Beatles tee.

Besides its fashion-focused theme, it only took one brief sentence and we found ourselves rooting for the stylist. Who wouldn’t love a tutu/Beatles tee combo? Congratulations to @Myumet, who will win a Literary Prize Pack to cultivate her one-sentence-story craft! Because we couldn’t post just one, here are some of our other favorites:

This one from @modgirlred was our favorite entry that incorporated a ModCloth product or contained some kind of ModCloth shoutout : Holding me close, his lips at my brow, I strained on my toes to reach his kiss, and wishes I’d worn my Sundae Shoes.

Our favorite entry with a spooky ending came from @alma_spier: Nah, I don’t believe in ghosts,” I scoffed to the old woman sitting next to me in the theater…and she disappeared.

This story from @bsom84 just made us laugh : I thought I met the man of my dreams, until I accidentally met him again–in the women’s bathroom. 

Thanks again! As always, you guys are great! Happy reading and happy tweeting!

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