"Something Sweet" Name It and Win Contest Winners

Once again, we were absolutely smitten with everyone’s adorable names! Sadly, we could only pick five, and here they are!

  • Day 1’s winner was Kendra, whose name, the Fresh Fraises Dress, perfectly captured the fun, sweet, spring-like spirit of the dress.
  • Day 2’s winner was Stefani K, who was aptly inspired by Elvis Costello to dub this red trench, the Lipstick Vogue Coat.
  • There were a lot of Mary Poppins and Audrey Hepburn references for Day 3’s parasol, but Aubrey’s Vanilla Skies Parasol was just too cute to pass up!
  • This flowy blouse of Day 4 seemed to remind a lot of you of exotic places, but you couldn’t necessarily agree on where; there were names inspired by India, Eastern Europe, South America, and more.┬á This made Caitlins suggestion, the Rose LessTraveled Tunic, the perfect choice!
  • Finally, Day 5’s winner was Carly–who nailed it with the very first submission–Prism Break Dress!

Even if you didn’t win, you can still treat yourself to all of the cute V-day prizes!

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