What ModEmployee Christen is Loving Right Now

Feeling stumped for stylish inspiration? Just turn to our terrific ModEmployees for wishlist writing inspiration! I caught up with Fashion Writer Christen, to take a peek at what’s topping her list this week.

As part of ModCloth’s team of witty wordsmiths, Christen helps craft the unique names and descriptions you see accompanying each new ModCloth item. When she isn’t wowing us with her words, Christen enjoys looking for live music and dancing ’til dawn. For this edition of Employee Picks, Christen chose the Earth Tone Treading Wedge.

“I am an advocate of all things earth tone!” declares Christen. “I think olives, browns, plums, and rusts look beautiful and timeless when worn with other nature-inspired hues, or fresh with a pop of salmon or sky blue. I’m pumped to wear these wedges as roots to an A-liner with an empire waistline and my favorite burnt orange tights!”

Are you curious what else Christen has on her list? Take a look at Christen’s Love List for more perfect present ideas!

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  1. Annching 11/30/2011 at 1:16 am #

    I love this shoe! I actually used to hate earth tones because I thought they clashed with my black hair, but now I love them, and I wear brown and olive all the time, along with my favorite pops of colour.

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