Fan Fare: Creative Customer Lizzy D. Shares Her Wardrobe Woes

“I have a problem, and its name is ModCloth!”

Clearly, creative customer Lizzy D. shares the same sentiment as many of us. Oh, which dress to choose, which dress to choose? We couldn’t help but share her spunky illustration with the rest of you! She doodled it up on a whim for her Tumblr blog More HandClaps!, where she posts all kinds of hand-drawn fun that’s sure to inspire your own art.

Touché, Lizzy, touché!

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  1. mcolmo 04/26/2012 at 7:45 pm #

    I feel your pain…

  2. dd 04/26/2012 at 7:49 pm #

    Completely agree. This is a good thing 🙂

  3. Darlene Smithers 04/26/2012 at 9:11 pm #

    I have to say, I LOV LOVE LOVE your dresses. BUT my biggest complaint is WHY don’t you have anything in Plus sizes???? 75% of american women are size 12 or above, and I would purchase tons of your dresses if they came in my size. What’s up with that????—a not so happy NON purchaser.

    • Jenn (ModCloth) 05/10/2012 at 4:32 pm #

      Hi Darlene!

      Thank you for your honesty, and for commenting. We share your frustration, and want to address the points you brought up.

      We currently carry a number of plus size garments on our site, but haven’t been able to expand our offerings as much or as quickly as we’d like. My fellow blog writer, Natalie, penned an amazing series called “Size of the Times” that dives into ModCloth’s goal of providing plus size fashion and the challenges we continue to face due to preexisting industry standards. I highly recommend checking it out if you have the time!

      One challenge ModCloth faces is that many of the indie designers we carry mostly serve small boutiques and are incapable of producing extended sizing; it doesn’t make fiscal sense for them to deviate from the system and produce additional sizes just for ModCloth. Right now, we’re working with a supply chain and industry size guide that has not yet caught up to reality of sizes today.

      We did try very hard to create a plus size section on the site, but, well, since I think our “Size of the Times” post says it best, I’ll paste an excerpt here:

      “Given that our aesthetic is indie, retro, and vintage-inspired, we were met with a dearth of genuinely cute plus size clothing that fit our criteria. Disappointed by the lack of choices, but driven by our desire to cater to all women, we forged ahead in our plus size plan. Our intentions were good, but the results weren’t always positive. We received much criticism along the lines of ‘Your plus size dresses are nowhere near as pretty as the straight size ones.’ However, our plus size bathing suits have done remarkably well! They are cut using ‘traditional’ plus size fit guidelines, which is likely part of their success. However, we had fit issues with many other plus size garments.

      “More than once, we were told a garment was ‘plus size,’ but when we received it, well… It wasn’t! Oftentimes the item would be closer to a size 10 than 16. We also discovered that little attention was paid to cut and fit with many plus size pieces. It was as if manufacturers simply added more fabric and called it a day. As [one of our merchandising team members] put it, ‘They appeared to be straight-sized styles made with extra fabric, which produces a bad fit on most plus-sized proportions. A [thin] girl’s hips are often in a different ratio to the rest of her body than a bigger girl’s, and tops often don’t take into account that bras are not optional for really busty women.’

      “Ultimately, we had to stop and re-evaluate the size situation. [Customer] Kathy commented Monday, ‘I hope you will integrate real plus sizes into the line-up permanently… a transient handful would simply lend a ‘gimmicky’ air to your collection,” and we agree. We want to live up to your expectations, and that means providing cute clothing in an array of sizes. And we don’t want to do it ‘half-way.’ So, while we’re currently figuring out our next move, we’d like to ask for your help. Do you know of any designers out there offering real, quality plus size clothing that fits the ModCloth aesthetic? We want to know! We will not give up on the ‘democratization’ of fashion, because fashion is for every body.”

      We want to change the way the fashion industry works, and through programs such as Be the Buyer and your feedback, we’re trying to show the industry that profit can be made by listening to customers, so that we can make sizing demands. Like Natalie said in the post, please let us know if you have any additional thoughts, or know of indie designers who can help us achieve our goal of providing fashion for all! Thanks so much, Darlene!

  4. Christina 04/27/2012 at 9:49 am #

    What a great artist. Her drawings are beautiful!

    Come check out the Roasted Smashed Potatoes I made.


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