Flashing Lights: Lomography’s Diana World Tour Kickoff

As adorers of cameras old and new, our editorial team pounced on the opp’ to check out the kickoff for Lomography‘s Diana World Tour at their downtown San Francisco store. The roving event features the epic Detrich Collection, a medley of retro Diana Cameras and their clones from the ’60s and ’70s, all of which were accrued by eBay collector and photography fanatic Allan Detrich.

Our friends at Lomo were cool enough to let us borrow a leopard-print version of the Diana Mini Edition (pictured above) to take some shots, but you know us and our love for Instagram — we had to snap a few using both! Whether you prefer the trippy, vintage washout and off-kilter effects of 35mm film or the fine-tuned predictability of digital filters on your smartphone, you’ll get kicks out of our event shots below!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/42181961 w=600&h=345]

All split screen shots were taken with Lomography cameras.

The event also featured Diana Clones, a city-centric collection of cameras customized by Lomo’-loving locals known for their unique aesthetics. Featured Bay Area artists included Kelly Malone, Ben Ayers, Walter Green, Amy Ng, and more.

Above, MC’s Senior Online Editor Jenn and I swap spots in the name of Lomo experimentation!

Our Special Edition Diana Mini Camera in Coral Fusion just launched yesterday, so snag one if you’re interested in takings some split screens of your own. I actually just ordered the Diana Mini Gold Edition after using the one we borrowed for the event, but I’m totally crushin’ on the coral one now, too!

What type of camera do you turn to when it comes to covering events — digital or film?

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6 Responses to Flashing Lights: Lomography’s Diana World Tour Kickoff

  1. Bobby 05/29/2012 at 11:07 am #

    Wow, so jealous! Here’s to hoping they pop down to Cape Town with their tour. I’m in love with my Diana Mini! In fact, she spurred me on to buying more film cameras.

    • Laura (ModCloth) 05/29/2012 at 2:48 pm #

      Bobby, you’ll have to share some of your photos with us!

  2. Susana 05/29/2012 at 4:05 pm #

    I use both. I have a mini diana and I just love it but I also like digital because I can see the picture instantly. 🙂

    • Laura (ModCloth) 05/30/2012 at 9:25 am #

      I guess nothing beats instant gratification sometimes, huh, Susana?

  3. Rachel 05/29/2012 at 8:32 pm #

    I love cameras and would love to get one but where do you go to find them??

    • Laura (ModCloth) 05/30/2012 at 9:24 am #

      Rachel, I actually just ordered one of our Diana Minis, and it’s rad! Here’s a link if you want to check it out! http://bit.ly/ML1Kbh

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