#StyleForAll: Meet Aisha Muharrar

This month, some of our favorite spring styles are modeled by women in the entertainment industry who have a way with words. They’re screenwriters, scene setters, playwrights, and authors — and most importantly, they’re women with stories to tell, and style that’s beyond words.

Meet Aisha Muharrar, TV Writer & Author

One Step to Winsome Jumpsuit in Navy Floral, Wait and Daisy Sandal

Tell us about your experiences and relationship with writing. 
I’m a writer. For the past nine years, I’ve been a TV writer. Now I’m interested in other types of writing, too – going back to prose fiction, as well as new forms I’ve never tried before. A few years ago, I wrote and directed a one-act play. It was so much fun! I loved it.

This year, I started writing a weekly newsletter, and that’s also a new, completely different type of writing – it’s more casual and confessional. And conversational. The big Cs apparently! Just discovered that, but maybe this is how I should talk about the newsletter from now on. Oh no big deal, it’s just casual, confessional, and conversational.

You’ve been a writer for a long time!
I was [also] a teen author. I wrote a book in high school.

Surely you’ve learned some tips to get over writer’s block along the way. 
When I have writer’s block (or any kind of block), I go to a bookstore. There’s that part in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Holly Golightly says Tiffany’s is the place she goes to when she has the mean reds (“suddenly you’re afraid and you don’t know what you’re afraid of”).  Bookstores are my Tiffany’s.

Pictured: Summer Home Hostess A-Line Dress

How would you describe your personal style?
I just define it as ‘Keri Russell.’ That makes it easier. What is Keri Russell wearing? I’ll wear that. Though in this ModCloth shoot, I wore some floral pieces I would never buy for myself. Now I’m thinking maybe I like florals, and maybe pops of color are okay. My new style might be Keri-Russell-meets-one-of-those-dancing-flower-toys. That actually sounds a lot like my personality, so maybe ModCloth has helped me discover my true style!

Ha! How would you say your style has evolved over time? 
My personal style evolved once I started making money! After I was on Parks and Recreation for a year or two and had a steady savings, I spent more money on clothes.

I remember watching Pretty in Pink and thinking, “yes, of course, you can be broke and still look good if you have the skills to style and make your own clothes.” I didn’t have that. I took a sewing class in school, and it just didn’t work. I didn’t want to use my time, especially my creative time, for vintage shopping or making a dress by hand. Once I was earning more, I could afford more and my wardrobe possibilities grew.

I wish more people were honest about how money changes your style. I’m not even talking about buying designer labels – I mean having the freedom to experiment and not have a panic attack if the clothing you bought doesn’t work out. Or being able to invest in a piece of clothing. People often say you have to be willing to invest in clothing, as if all that’s holding people back is a willingness. Sometimes you just don’t have the money to invest, and you have to buy the trendy item that’s going to fall apart in a year!

Pictured: Metropolitan Moxie Scarf in Conservatory, Pros and Convertibles Button-Up Top, Undeniable Allure A-Line Skirt 

What do you like to do you in spare time, when you aren’t writing? 
I love reading. Bookworm for life! I also love cooking — cookbooks are my newest passion, because I’ve discovered they combine two favorite hobbies. I know I can get recipes online, but I love cracking open the books. There’s a cook I adore named Anna Jones. She’s British and when I was in England, I saw her new cookbook was out. It was the English edition though – with their measurements. But I still bought it! Because I would have had to wait months until it arrived in America. It was the first leg of our trip and I lugged this cookbook around everywhere. Worth it! I just wrote the American conversions on the pages of my favorite recipes.

I want gardening to be a hobby. I don’t know how to do it. I’ve tried and I don’t seem to have a green thumb, but my grandmother has a beautiful garden and I’d like to continue the family tradition. So I guess my last hobby is “wishing I could garden.”

We heard you’re a big Gilmore Girls fan, too. 
I was a frequent guest on the Gilmore Guys podcast. If anyone’s curious what my voice sounds like or how I act when I’m super passionate about something (Gilmore Girls), they should listen to this podcast. Also listen anyway – it’s a great podcast!

What else do you geek out over?
There was a period of my life when I could perfectly recite Clueless word for word. Now it’s still pretty good, but not 100%.

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  1. Zeenat 04/10/2017 at 2:51 pm #

    Cute story. Girl, I also never saw myself buying floral pieces … and now I love them, particularly embroidered stuff. It’s crazy how our styles evolve over time. This was a fun read & I like that summer hostess A-line dress A LOT.

  2. Holly 04/11/2017 at 3:56 pm #

    Um, is that Aisha Muharrar of Gilmore Guys fame on Modcloth?!

    Love the look. xoxo

  3. Mojo 04/12/2017 at 5:41 pm #

    Yes!!! I’m so glad to hear someone acknowledge how money and budgets are a factor in fashion! I’m so sick of people saying to throw away clothes that don’t bring you joy and start a minimalist wardrobe of quality clothes. Some people don’t have the luxury of doing that, and that is okay!

  4. A.C. Allen 04/15/2017 at 6:25 am #

    OMG! I love this theme of women and words! As a TV writer in Hollywood, and an avid fan of Modcloth (ppl rave when I wear my dress covered in cherries!) I am beyond words at how cool this campaign is! Now I just have to make sure I steal a little of these other writer’s style! Keep up the good work Modcloth!!

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