#StyleForAll: Meet Arabella Anderson

This month, some of our favorite spring styles are modeled by women in the entertainment industry who have a way with words. They’re screenwriters, scene setters, playwrights, and authors — and most importantly, they’re women with stories to tell, and style that’s beyond words.

Meet Arabella Anderson, TV Writer

Pictured: Radiance on the Rise Top in Pink Garden, Sensational by Design Heel, Charmed by Change Pants

You have a varied background in writing — poetry, journalism, blogging, entertainment. Can you talk us through your journey from one realm of writing into the others?
My previous dalliances with writing were always just for my own pleasure, never really for work; so TV writing and screenwriting just made sense when I realized I could actually make this my life, my job. I went to school and studied screenwriting for a bit, and it came so naturally. I’m more visual, and therefore my writing is communicating actions and aesthetic and motions, more than just thoughts and dialogue. And in the tv/film world, you have to SEE and be SHOWN what is happening, not just explain it on the page.

Can you tell us a little about your writing process?
Music is a very important part of my writing process. I see my writing first, for instance, when I hear a song a little moment plays in my head with the characters I’m currently thinking about in relation to that song. And in a way, the song helps me figure out what happens in that scene… what we see, what we feel. I dance a lot while I’m writing. I think it’s good to mix in physical movement into writing. It helps you feel the scenes out.

How do you get over a bad case of writer’s block?
I try to go on a trip or go do a fun experience to first distract myself from the block and then try and find something within the experience to help generate an idea or a solution for whatever problem I’m having. For a quick fix, music always helps.

Pictured: Made for Movement Knit Top in Carnation, Samba on the Sand Block Heel, You Name the Place Pants

You describe your personal style as “cosmic cowgirl” — how do you define that?  
“Cosmic cowgirl” is as if there was a time warp in Joshua Tree, and it just spat out all of these retro and funky clothes. Sometimes I go more 50’s, sometimes more 90’s. Kind of pastiching together different eras but all with a cosmic and western theme.

How has your style evolved over time?
As I’ve gotten older and become more confident in my work and my style, I definitely try to make every outfit very funky and unique. While I was a teen and really got into vintage clothes, I would usually just wear them once in awhile or around the house or something. But now I feel like I can pull off a dress with dragons on it paired with silver mary janes and a necklace that says “dope” when I go to a meeting, because it’s just who I am! And if you don’t like it, oh well, I do!

Do you have a type or style of clothing that you’d consider to be your “uniform”?
Black high-waisted Levi’s. Paper-thin vintage shirt. Snakeskin boots or pumps. Lots of silver jewelry.

Pictured: All This Bliss A-line Dress, Metropolitan Moxie Scarf in Strawberry Patch, Fine Dining Peep Toe Heel in Ruby

In what way is the clothing you like to wear a reflection of your personality?
Well, I traveled a lot growing up and lived on the road for a while, so I like to incorporate travel and destinations into my clothes. For instance, I have a vintage Liz Claiborne shirt with license plates on it. I like old shirts that are from destinations and places I’ve been. I guess I just like to show that I dig adventure, and I’ve been places, and I feel more like a traveler than a stagnant city person.

People often say they want to feel ‘comfortable’ or ‘confident’ in their clothing. What do these words mean to you?
If I’m not wearing something that makes me feel confident or comfortable, I usually end up having a terrible day or night! I think it’s important to look at your clothes as if they’re a second skin. It’s art and soul that you can literally put on; sometimes it’s hard to wear your heart on your sleeve, but you can at least wear something that reflects who you are.

Pictured: Yours to Adore Midi Dress in Geometric

What are your hobbies for when you’re off the clock? 
Motorcycles. Taxidermy. Hunting for vintage clothes at Goodwill!

Taxidermy? What else don’t we know about you?!  
Yes! I study taxidermy, mostly work with bones and design them with crystals and plants in little glass domes. I [also] lived out of my car and traveled the country for a really long time, so I love being on the road and doing little quick adventures.

What current personal or professional projects do you have in the works, and what’s next for you?
Mostly focusing on a feature about an all-girl motorcycle gang. That’s the movie I always wanted growing up, so I want to make something for girls and women to watch and feel badass.

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