#StyleForAll: Meet Tanya Saracho

This month, some of our favorite spring styles are modeled by women in the entertainment industry who have a way with words. They’re screenwriters, scene setters, playwrights, and authors — and most importantly, they’re women with stories to tell, and style that’s beyond words.

Meet Tanya Saracho, TV Writer & Playwright

Pictured: Back Road Ramble Tunic, Dockside Delight A-Line Skirt

How do you balance your work with playwriting versus TV writing? Did you have to adjust your writing style?
I’m still learning to navigate this. I’m not good at both yet. I am okay at one or the other at a time. It’s annoying. I want to get good at both already!

Can you tell us a little about your writing process? 
I light candles. I clink my sound bowl. I light incense. Writing is channeling to me and I’m a medium. Well, if I’m writing something of my own. If I’m rendering something for someone else — as you do when you work on someone else’s show — then I just get it done. No hoity-toity.

What are your favorite hobbies for whenever you aren’t writing?
I love TV with a passion — I know, that’s the most boring thing and I do it for a living, but I love it, love it, love it. I love the stories we’re having access to now with all these platforms. Oh, Gah, I’m so boring, aren’t I? Yuck.

No way! Plus, we heard your own love story started with a TV show. 
I was obsessed with the show Outlander, which prompted me to book a solo, soul-searching trip to Scotland, where I literally met my soulmate in a coffeeshop the second day I was there — well, sort of. That’s an abridged version of the story — but mainly, I was supposed to be there two weeks, but I stayed six. With him. Love at first kilt.

Pictured: Bolder at the Shoulders Cardigan, Energetic Effort Button-Up Top in Navy Florals, Ease of Versatility Pants

How would you describe your personal style?
I’m not fashionable, but I do think I have style. The dress-up/dress-down jeans type-of-style. Also, I’m big on a bright lip. And big earrings are always a must. (I am my mother’s daughter, in that way)

Do you have a type or style of clothing that you’d consider to be your “uniform”?
Absolutely — jeans and some awesome, crisp button-up shirt in bold prints/design with a bright jacket or cardi or blazer. Oh, and big-ass earrings.

Has your style evolved over time?
Sort of, I think I’ve been telling the same style story — only edited for each season — with the elements that have always made me comfortable. I just find that season’s version of those elements.

In what way is the clothing you like to wear a reflection of your personality?
Comfort is always key, but you don’t have to look frumpy just because you want to be comfy.

People often say they want to feel ‘comfortable’ or ‘confident’ in their clothing. What do these words really mean to you?
It means just that. That you don’t want to be bound. But also… clothes tell a story — you always tell your story. Now there [are] different chapters of that story: The “I wanna show off my shoulders and have some cocktails with friends” chapter; The “I want to be taken seriously by this potential employer” chapter; The “I want to eat all French toast at this brunch and still look cute” chapter. But the essence of your story doesn’t change.

What current personal or professional projects do you have in the works, and what’s next for you?
The main thing that is keeping me busy is Pour Vida at Starz, where I’m preparing a pilot presentation — which means we’ll get to shoot what I wrote and see how it looks before we get a decision whether it gets greenlit or not.

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