Meet the ModCat: Serafina

Name: Serafina
Age: 10
Breed: Calico

San Francisco feline Serafina is known as a sweet and sophisticated cat, and has been at the side of Writer and Content Strategist Cindy since kittendom. As a wee one, Serafina used to scale the shelves in her owner’s bedroom just so she could pounce on Cindy’s face while she was sleeping, but has since grown up to be quite the gentlewoman. “She’s a prissy, sophisticated lady,” Cindy says. “Selective of company she keeps, the food she eats, and the places she sleeps.” When Serafina isn’t occupied by her favorite toy, peacock feathers, this furry fashionista can be found in playing in Cindy’s closet.

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  1. ali from spinner's end 09/27/2011 at 1:53 pm #

    what a beauty! she has such a gorgeous little face. as a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, i am so loving mewsweek.

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