Model of the Month: You’ve Got to Meet Rieko


New model Rieko flaunts her posing prowess (and awe-inspiring locks, am I right?) to our fall layering campaign, but this fab 16-year-old’s talents don’t stop there. When she’s not gracing our set with her eye-catching energy, this Pittsburgher spends her time studying music, indulging in exciting cuisines, and fawning over vintage fashion. Get to know this multifaceted gal in the Q&A below:

What’s your surprising talent or unexpected expertise?

I sing opera and jazz music. I go to Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12, a performing arts school where I attend as a vocal major. I love singing both genres equally, especially since they compare and contrast in so many different ways. I’m even going to study music in college!

If you had to trade closets with someone, who would you pick, and why?

Without a doubt, I’d trade closets with my mom, from back when she was my age. Her style was genius! It was classic, funky, and fun — not to mention, the attention to detail. Come to think of it, lately, every time I find a great vintage piece, she lets me know she had something just like it!


Apart from modeling, what fields, hobbies, or subjects are you passionate about?

Well, music of course. I wasn’t always a good singer, and I didn’t always appreciate music, but now I can say that I truly do. It’s a beautiful part of life that keeps people living. I also love to learn. For a while, I even wanted to be a teacher just like my mom. And food! I love food! My boyfriend, Lyn, and I always go out and try new foods. It’s cool to think about how food can bring people together: you eat, you have fun, and at the end of the meal, everyone is feeling great… hopefully!

What makes you smile?

How could anyone just name a couple of things? I mean, I know I can’t, because I find myself smiling so much! Being happy is a choice: when you’re truly happy, you’ll realize that.

When you’re not on set, posing for the camera, what’s your go-to outfit? Any favorite pieces you’re ALWAYS wearing?

Some days I’m all about a cute skirt, and other days I’m all about my jeans. A jacket is my go-to piece! Especially since fall is right around the corner, my collection is growing a little out of control, but I love it! A jacket can change the whole feel of an outfit, be it leather or sporty, jean or suede! The possibilities are endless.

What’s one trait you’re always getting compliments on?

My maturity. I love having conversations with adults and seeing the surprise on their faces when I let them know my age.  It’s nice, though, because adults talk to me like they talk to other adults. It’s interesting to hear what older people are thinking and feeling about the world right now.

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  1. Avatar
    Nine Wesson 08/07/2014 at 5:18 pm #

    She is Gorgeous! When you meet her, you will see that her beauty starts from the inside and her talents are also her passion. Amazing.

  2. Avatar
    Uma 08/08/2014 at 1:19 pm #

    Not only is she unconventionally beautiful, she is intelligent and talented! Her smile looks bright enough to light up the room. She seems passionate, and like she said, mature. What an amazing model!

  3. Avatar
    BH 08/09/2014 at 11:54 pm #

    This is girl has a shine like no other. Effortlessly she has am infinite amount of beauty. And everything she thinks believes and dreams shows in her action’s and shines like a light from her heart and soul all the way for others to see. She’s a great model! And ro-model!

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