An Unstoppable Virtual-Buyer Duo

In continued hope of giving a much deserved shout out to all of you out there making Be the Buyer effulge with your votes and support, we have an extra special ‘meet ‘n’ greet with a virtual buyer post, this time featuring fashionable twins Sarita and Sunita!

We interviewed them via e-mail to find out who they are, what they do, and, of course, their top Be the Buyer picks.

Where are you from?
SARITA: [We] were born in Detroit, but grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.

What do you do? Are you student? Astronaut? Barista? Acrobat?
SUNITA: I’m a professor at a local community college. I teach English composition and Women’s Studies.
SARITA: I am a Ph.D. candidate in Art History. I study South Asian women artists.

What kind of things do you do in your spare time? Any hobbies?
SUNITA: I LOVE to read. My favorite genres are fantasy, historical fiction, and history. Currently, my favorite authors are Mercedes Lackey, Robert Jordan, Alison Weir, and Diana Gabaldon. Another hobby: Mario Kart Wii, seriously. I play online at least 2 hours a night, nearly every night of the week. I have also recently found the joy of shopping at vintage stores. It is such a rush to find that perfect vintage piece.
SARITA: I also spend oodles of time reading. I am definitely more of a fantasy fan. Some of my favorite authors are Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, Robert Jordan, and Stephen Reader Donaldson. I also love spending time with Sidney, my 14-year-old Maltese. I also love doing activist work. It is exhausting but rewarding.

Sarita with her adorable Maltese, Sidney.

Regale us with a cute story from your joint youth.
SUNITA: When we were around four or five, one of us used to lure our mom out of the house, run back in and then the other would lock her out. This happened so many times she had to give the neighbor a key. No one said having twins was easy.

How would each of you describe your personal style?
SUNITA: Ever since Sarita introduced me to ModCloth, I have become a ModCloth junkie. I seriously think that 90% of my wardrobe is ModCloth. I guess my style can be quirky, whimsical, and unique in the sense that just about everyone I know (minus Sareet of course!) shops at run-of-the-mill stores, so I really stand out.
SARITA: I would describe my style as vintage-inspired with a twist. I try to add something edgy or contemporary to outfits that look like they are from the 1950s or 1960s. I also enjoy mixing pieces together that look like they have come from different eras.

Sample 763 and Sample 770.

Which Be the Buyer item(s) have you snagged for your closet?
SARITA: I have many BTB items: Pleasant and Thank You Dress, Ahead of the Flock Dress, Ad Agency Dress, Never Running Slate Dress, and Never Forget a Lace Top. I will sometimes throw on a funky black scarf with the Never Running Slate Dress. With the Never Forget a Lace Top, I have worn it with jeans and a cropped cardigan and flats, [or] with a pencil skirt and blazer.
SUNITA: I own the Gramercy Park Dress, but others are waiting for me to bring them home [are] the Just Sway Yes Skirt, Dramatic Arts Dress, Sophistication After Sundown Skirt, and Frock Ballad Dress in Beth. I wore the Gramercy Park Dress and My Pet Octopus Cuff with patent leather flats to work in the summer.

Sunita wears the Knock Your Socks Off Heel and the Gramercy Park Dress.

What do you like most about Be the Buyer?
SUNITA: As corny as this sounds, I really like how the Be the Buyer program is a very democratic process. Be the Buyer pieces that make it to production are clothes for the people by the people. Love that concept!
SARITA: I agree with Suneet. I love the democratic process of BTB. Though I must admit, most of my picks tend to get skipped over. But, I just chalk that up to my individuality!

Any other fun facts you’d like to add?
SUNITA: I almost majored in demonology. When I took the ACT, I was asked about my interests, and I picked literature and religion. One brochure I received was from a Catholic college that offered demonology as a major. I seriously considered applying with the intention of majoring in demonology. Then, I came to my senses and realized that if I went to the school and quit halfway because I became too freaked out, my parents would murder me for wasting their money, a prospect much scarier than studying demons.

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  1. Sarita 03/31/2011 at 1:12 pm #

    This turned out awesome! And it was so much fun to do! Looking forward to our 15 minutes of fame.

    • Hannah (ModCloth) 03/31/2011 at 2:07 pm #

      Was fun ‘working’ with you girls! Glad you like the way it turned out. 🙂

    • Sunita 03/31/2011 at 3:09 pm #


    • Sunita 03/31/2011 at 5:49 pm #

      Thank you for the opportunity, Hannah!

    • Hannah (ModCloth) 03/31/2011 at 6:08 pm #

      My pleasure!

  2. Jess (ModCloth) 03/31/2011 at 1:21 pm #

    Awesome interview, ladies! And Sunita, I totally hear ya on the Mario Kart Wii, girl.

    • Sarita 03/31/2011 at 1:55 pm #

      Glad to hear that my sister is not alone in her addiction! She has been trying to get me hooked, but I have not quite crossed that line…..yet!

    • Sunita 03/31/2011 at 2:12 pm #

      Thanks, Jess! I am glad to hear I’m not the only one. : )

  3. The ModStylists 03/31/2011 at 1:27 pm #

    Congrats to our fave twin fans! You ladies look fabulous! We always enjoy chatting with you! Stay Stylish <3 The ModStylists

    • Sunita 04/01/2011 at 9:19 am #

      Awww!!! You guys rock!

  4. Rose 03/31/2011 at 4:09 pm #

    I adore this post! It has everything I love – pretty dresses, smart women, books, and a cute dog.

    • Sarita 03/31/2011 at 4:22 pm #

      I always knew you had good taste!

  5. Emily 03/31/2011 at 5:16 pm #

    You both are so awesome. You have all the same interests as me!
    I love it! 🙂

  6. C 04/01/2011 at 9:13 am #

    You two are so cool! So bright and interesting. Also, great style.

    • Sunita 04/01/2011 at 9:20 am #

      Thanks, C!

  7. Ariel 04/01/2011 at 12:10 pm #

    I love this! Very nice job ladies! 🙂

  8. Sophie 04/02/2011 at 12:34 am #

    So cool 😀
    It’s great to see all the smart and stylish ladies out there!

  9. Tarren 04/04/2011 at 6:43 pm #

    yay! glad to see you ladies on here, you rock!!

  10. Sarita 04/04/2011 at 6:50 pm #

    Thanks, Tarren! You seem to rock too! : )

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