Celebrate in Color!

What are your aspirations for 2011? With all the feats you have planned, why not add a splash of color to them with inspiration from our latest stylebook video. With the soft sounds of Icelandic band Amiina and the bursting hues of the collection, we hope that this video brightens up your new year!

If you love the featured music, then check out Amiina’s website. The talented four-piece has performed with Sigur Rós and once collaborated with Lee Hazlewood, but stands on their own with gentle but impressionable songs. The track from our video, “Sexfaldur,” is from their 2007 debut album Kurr. Oh, and be sure to look out for their newest album, Puzzle. We love them!


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    Lily Yang 12/27/2010 at 6:26 pm #

    Dear Modcloth blog: Happy holidays, and Happy New Years!
    Hi how are you! Hope all is going well over there for each and everyone of u! Hehe. 🙂
    This is a response to the new year’s resolutions text.
    This year…after many years of realizing or having thought that new years resolutions were silly and ineffective, I have realized that this is due to not making concrete resolutions…but instead saying ideas like, I will improve my self esteem or whatnot. I realize now that is the wrong idea.
    This year, my resolutions are hopefully more concrete and obtainable. I really love cooking and have decided that instead of simply accumulating cookbooks, I will make good use of them. This year, I hope to cook through the entire soup sections in both “The Gourmet Cookbook” and “The Joy of Cooking”. In addition, I feel food (as I was a food science major) and its manipulation can teach one more about themselves…so I hope to learn to bake pastries. Before the end of the year…and before my next relationship I hope to be able to attain and learn the ability to make good good puff pastry from scratch. In addition, I hope to be able to cook through the pastry and bread sections in both of the previous books.
    Of course there are other mundane resolutions like applying for grad schools and doing well at work…but I feel the ones to best improve myself in terms of the non- concrete goals in life can hopefully be achieved through foods and without making those.
    I hope to learn to live in the now and not in the past or future anymore…
    ideally, also telling perfect strangers my resolutions will hold me accountable to my resolutions.
    sorry, I hope this didn’t sound too long winded or too conceited or too retarded or whatnot.. Thank you so much for reading my input!
    Best of wishes for the new year!!
    thanks! !!

    Best, lily

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