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find your perfect fitIt’s important to us that you find pieces that are perfect for you. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we offer sizes XXS-4X. But how do you know where you fall in the size range? We’re here to help you find your perfect fit!

find your perfect fitConsult Our Size Charts
We carry both private label pieces (designed in-house) and styles designed by partner brands. Make sure you consult our size charts for each product to find your perfect fit. We’ve recently updated this feature so that many of our partner brands have their own measurements listed. Simply click on Size Chart on the product page.

Take Your Measurements
We all think we know where our bust, waist, and hips are, but when it comes to measurements, this isn’t actually always intuitive. Here are some pro tips:
Bust: This is the largest area around your chest. When measuring yourself, it can be difficult to hold a measuring tape straight, so make sure you’re standing in front of a mirror so you can check that it’s level.
Waist: Your natural waist isn’t necessarily the smallest area around your middle, and it’s not always around your belly button. To find your waist, rest your hands on your hip bones. Your natural waist is the area right above your hips. This is the area you want to measure.
Hips: Counter to popular belief, your hips don’t mean your hip bones. It’s the widest part around, which is usually around your butt and thighs.

Contact a ModStylist
As you’re browsing the site, you can simply chat a ModStylist if you have questions about fit! Or if you’re more old school, you can also reach them on the phone. Prefer a more formal consultation? Set up a complimentary appointment. Learn more about all that they offer.

Use Our Fit for Me Feature
One of the best way to find the perfect fit is from recommendations by community members with similar measurements to yours. Download our app on
Apple or Android and use the Fit for Me feature. After entering your measurements, we’ll serve up products loved by women with similar body types.

Read Product Reviews
Community members like you are one of the best resources for learning more about our products. Take a peek at product reviews to see feedback on fit.

Peek at Attributes
Look for adjustability to aid in fit by reading the product Description and Details and looking at the photos. You’ll want to look for things like: fabric with stretch, adjustable straps, and elastic at the waist and bust.

Reference Model Measurements
Click on product Details and look for model measurements. This is often helpful, especially when it comes to height and seeing how a garment might fit you. FYI, if there’s more than one model featured, the measurements reference the model with the most photos.

Visit a FitShop
Keep an eye out for FitShops in your area. These are stores where you can try on outfits IRL to find your perfect fit. See if there’s one near you.

We hope that with all these pro tips you’ll be totally equipped to find the perfect fit for you!


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