Find Your ‘Art’s’ Devotion with Our Exclusive Artist Totes

ModCustomer art totes
From top left: Totes from Miyuki SarahClaire OringJayde A. Cardinalli, Kelly HickenbottomJasmin DarnellTiffany Atkin.

We’ve been using the art/heart pun a lot lately, and that’s because we’re so excited about our current artist collaborations! You may recognize the glorious artwork on these totes from our stylebook, Fashion from the ‘Art’, and you may have spied these six totes since they first popped up on the site. Well, today’s your chance to snatch one (or a few) up!

These exclusive bags are sturdy and unique, perfect for stashing your back-to-school books, art supplies or farmer’s market goods. We have a limited number of each tote, so get ’em while they’re hot!

After picking your purchase, get to know the artists. Which is your favorite?

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