Halloween Costume Contest

One of Winston’s costumes this year was a bumblebee!

Halloween has come and gone, but these next couple of weeks are really the best time to revel in the brilliance of your costume. After all, some of you spent weeks or months in preparation for October 31st! You deliberated on a costume, spent precious weekend hours scouring Goodwills or crowded costume shops to complete your look (the craftiest of you spent those hours making your costume), and dedicated an entire evening to preening, painting your face, and practicing the appropriate accent or walk.  And all this effort was for a creation with a lifespan of two weekends, tops.  We find this very sad, so we’re giving you one last chance to earn some much-deserved attention for all your hard work.

Show off your costume on the special ModCloth Flickr account and see what everybody else wore this year too! If you post a picture of your costume before this Friday, November 7th at midnight, you may also win a little bit more than recognition. Our favorite costume will receive a $75 gift certificate and the runner-up will receive a $25 gift certificate. The winners will be announced on Monday.  To enter the contest, post your pictures to the ModCloth Halloween Costume Contest group.

I can’t wait to post mine! (Hint hint: red afro)

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