ModCloth on TV Guide!

This weekend, Sari and I took a quick trip to Los Angeles. Along with shopping for new items (is anyone else excited for Spring yet?), we stopped by the TV Guide channel to film a short segment about ModCloth for The Fashion Team. Tune in at 7 PM EST tonight or at 3 PM EST on Friday to see me talk about how ModCloth got it’s start, what you should wear to a holiday dinner party, and more!

Of course, we brought our camera to the studio to give you a behind-the-scenes preview…

Hair & Makeup
In hair & make-up. If only someone would do this for me every day!

TV Guide Models
Sari and I with the lovely models – Michelle, Christina, Olivia & Amy.

Who knew the TV Guide channel was so cool?

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  1. Polly 12/09/2008 at 12:04 pm #

    you guys were in LA? aww. i coulda taken you shopping!! did you go to the stop staring! showroom downtown??

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