This Week, ModCloth Has Four New BFFS!


The results are in!  This week, ModCloth’s new BFFs from MySpace are Ren (GO PENS!) and waffelle belgium.  Our New BFFs from Facebook are Stephanie Karibian and Kayla Alexandra Turner .

Congratulations to the four winners! They have received a $50 ModCloth gift certificate,  just for being our friend.

Want a chance to win? Friend Us on MySpace or Fan Us on Facebook! And don’t forget to check the blog each Monday to see the week’s winning BFFs.

Good Luck!

2 Responses to This Week, ModCloth Has Four New BFFS!

  1. Sarah 12/08/2008 at 12:42 pm #

    do you still keep older entries (but the still recent ones) so they have a chance to win, too? like, people who joined your friends lists or became fans on facebook this last week?

  2. Alicia 12/08/2008 at 1:46 pm #

    Yes we do! We pick randomly from our entire pool of friends, regardless of whether you became our fan or friend last year or today. So all of our friends and fans still have a chance to win!

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