Behind the Design: Julie & Sara on the Rainbow Capsule Collection

As lovers of bold color and nostalgia, it was only a matter of time before we arranged this rainbow capsule collection! Senior Designer Sara and Print Designer Julie looked to the glamour of 1970s roller discos and their stylin’ mamas for May’s most radiant assortment yet. Read on to get a glimpse of their genius that brought these vibrant pieces to life!

Pictured (from left to right): Compania Fantastica Primary Motivation Button-Up Top & A-Line Skirt, Verve Confirmed Cotton A-Line Dress, Delightful Demeanor Short Sleeve Blouse, Rainbow With Me Jeans, Every Waking Momentum Cotton-Linen Jumpsuit in Yellow Dotted (coming soon)

Sara, Senior Designer

Tell us about how your inspiration brought the rainbow collection to life.

For the May collection, we were inspired by the roller disco craze that began in the late ’70s. We really wanted to capture the glamour of the time, and also the exhilaration of gliding around the rink to your favorite song, hand in hand with a best bud or crush. The design team had pulled so many great inspiration images with rainbows in them that we wanted to put rainbows on everything.  So, we decided to make a whole capsule out of it. The team had a lot of fun designing this collection, from the joyful prints to incorporating rainbows through embroidery, ribs, elastics, and fabric piecing. I’ve had a few ModCloth customers tell me that our clothes bring them joy, which is the biggest compliment we can get. I hope the items in this collection bring as much joy to the wearer as they did to all of us who worked on creating them.

Favorite print/design from this collection?

The Verve Confirmed Cotton A Line Dress is one of my favorite pieces from this collection because it was inspired by a favorite dress of mine that my mom wore in the ’70s, and that I now wear. It was also a piece that required a lot of collaboration with the Product Developers to get us the right fabric and colors for the contrast details, and also from our Tech Designers to get the construction and fit just right. It was a real labor of love for us and I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Julie, our Print Designer, created beautiful rainbow prints for the collection that are bold and fun, but also soft and pretty. I especially love how the colors turned out on this skirt and this dress.

Pictured: Verve Confirmed Cotton A-Line Dress, Ain’t Tint Fun? Pendant NecklaceTrots and Ends Suede Heel

Julie, Print Designer

What were the driving forces of inspiration behind the rainbow collection?

This collection was initially inspired by the roller disco. We were thinking disco balls and a great soundtrack featuring Diana Ross, Abba, Blondie, and Cher, maybe a dash of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk; stir to mix. Some of the design team live really near to an iconic roller disco here in LA. There’s nothing more fun — and cute — than tossing on your hottest hot pants, tube socks, and a sparkly statement eye, and heading to the roller rink with all your girls. Rainbows are iconic and a huge part of this ’70s glam aesthetic, and they’re also one of our fave motifs here in the design studio.

How much do your own experiences influence these designs?

My mom was a totally classic ’70s/early ’80s babe — still a total babe, by the way. She had straight hair down to her booty and high-waisted bell bottoms. I love her stories from her late teens and early twenties from this era. Also, can you get better music than what was coming out in the ’70s? We were always blasting LPs from this period on our big stereo at my house. (Our cat once got his paw caught in the 8 track player — sad but so retro! He’s fine.) The fashion icons of this time period are still so influential and a constant source of inspiration: Bianca Jagger, Grace Jones, Debbie Harry, Jerry Hall, Antonio Lopez, Iman, Farah Fawcett, and did I mention Cher and Ms. Ross? I can’t gush enough about my love of disco and the clothes of this time period. I’m 5’2″, so the jeans definitely come up to my bra, but I don’t care! I’m always rifling around at flea markets searching for the perfect rainbow embroidery and gold lamé jumpsuit. It’s always a disco, and I will come dressed to the 9’s.

Pictured: Rainbow in Tow Statement NecklaceDelightful Demeanor Short Sleeve BlouseRainbow With Me Jeans. Similar sunglasses here.

Tell us about your favorite pieces from the collection, and why.

This is always a tough question for me because I love everything our brilliant team comes up with — but this time is especially tough. I love, love, love our rainbow gradient maxi dress. Wow, does it make an entrance! Whoever wears this dress is here to play, enjoy herself, and fill any room with color and joy. Another fave (and one that every design team member will likely buy for themselves) is the yellow polka dot jumpsuit. It’s so fun, fresh, and chic! I can picture myself styling it really casually; tossing on an embroidered denim jacket and classic high-top sneakers for record store hopping and slurping down classic soda pops. OR, styling this piece really funky, with a super glam hair look and some glossy/sparkly lids, a heavy blush application (sounds crazy, looks gorgeous), and a sensational platform shoe. Then you’re ready to boogie woogie all night! Also, I have to throw some spotlight on one of our classic MC quirky prints: the unicorn rainbow. It’s a beautiful and artful way to express your inner unicorn, which we all have inside of us. 🙂

Any advice for making rainbows work in your wardrobe?

I think it’s way easy and always fun to add a dash of rainbow into your looks, especially in the summertime. Whether it’s a simple nod to the era where our mommas got groovy through rainbow embroidered denim pieces with an easy ringer tee, tossing together an easy wear-to-work blouse with our gorgeous rainbow pleated skirt (add a blazer to give them the business), or going all-out unicorn woman with our rainbow gradient maxi or unicorn storm print (wear with gold hoops and lips gloss for both), you can punch up your wardrobe with these fun and happy rainbows. You’ll feel like a iconic goddess in any of these looks, as fast as you can say “rainbow!”

Pictured: Charter School Pullover Sweater in Rainbow Stripes, Belle of the Bow Belt, Come Colorfully Denim Shorts, Quay All My Love Sunglasses, Classy Tassels Beaded Earrings in AquaEvery Waking Momentum Cotton-Linen Jumpsuit in Yellow Dotted (coming soon), Banned Cosmic Sparkle Convertible Belt Bag

+Which vibrant style are you most excited to rock?


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