Role Models: A Q&A with Stylebook Model Samantha


Are you swooning over our holiday stylebook? So are we! The festive frocks and adorable accents come alive with help from gorgeous models like college junior Samantha, an auburn-haired beauty from Pittsburgh. Samantha’s been gracing our site for a few years now, and her talents for evoking effortless on-camera elegance keep getting more astounding. See what this nature gal has learned from her model moments and get her tricks for posing like a proper mid-century maven by checking out our interview below!

For our Holiday Collection, you rocked some beautiful, mid-century-inspired poses — what are your tips for working it like a vintage catalog model?
Foot positions from ballet classes I’ve taken really helped set up a base for how I was going to stand; they make your pose look elegant. Even so, I learned that for a ’50s-style shoot, it’s alright to stand with your feet shoulder width apart in a frilly gown, as well.

Apart from looking fab in photos, what are some of your (if yet undiscovered) talents?
I’m pretty skillful when it comes to untangling knots out of necklaces.

Striking a pose is all about exuding self-esteem. What makes you feel the most confident?
I feel the most confident when I can be myself around people. When I’m around someone new, I feel a bit nervous and tend to keep myself reserved, but with friends, I know that I can say whatever I want or act however I want without feeling inhibited.


When you’re not modeling, what hobbies fill your schedule?
I work at a bakery [and] really enjoy my time there, because I can discuss all sorts of things with my boss, make delicious treats, and it’s a great place to think about things and come up with new ideas. I also love to draw and create characters, and I have recently taken up knitting.

What are your biggest dreams, resolutions, and goals for the new year?
I’d love to finish my junior year of college with some sanity left, but my biggest aim for 2013 would be getting to intern at the Pittsburgh Zoo during the summer to learn more about being a zookeeper (my ultimate career goal). At the same time, though, I am really mostly excited for the continuation of things I have been a part of this year. I intern in The National Aviary’s hospital unit, I work at a local bakery, and I get to model with great people in between it all. They’re things I love getting to do, and I’m excited to keep doing them!

Thanks for the interview, Samantha!

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  1. Rachel Lauren 12/12/2012 at 12:15 pm #

    My biggest goal for the new year is to turn my online store, Vintage Pod into a full time career! You can help by checking it out and sharing it with your friends!

  2. Emily 12/14/2012 at 10:17 pm #

    I’ve always liked this model a lot! It’s funny because I have a lot in common with her, but I didn’t even know it! (Except I’m a few years younger than her). I loved her look in the winter style book especially! 🙂

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