Role Models: Meet Lindsay!

With her transfixing eyes and red pixie cut, model Lindsay brings unique, eye-catching beauty to the pages of ModCloth. Now the quirky 22-year-old from Columbiana, Ohio steps into the spotlight as the face of our scholarly Above & Beyond stylebook. Learn a little about this ambitious, artsy gal — from her tips for back-to-school success to her big-screen aspirations — in this month’s model interview!

The images from Above & Beyond are super dreamy —- what’s the most fantastical dream you’ve ever had?
Sharing dreams is one of my favorite pastimes. No joke! And man, have I had some doozies! I’ve traveled back in time, I’ve been a wizard, and I’ve even had a dream where I took on a pack of wolves single-handedly.

How did you learn to model? 
I’ve always liked taking pictures or making videos. The other day, my little sister wanted to play outside, and, instead of just tossing the ball around, I suggested a bat-and-ball photo shoot. It’s fun trying to get the perfect shot, and you have a souvenir of your day. When modeling, I think about what kind of picture I would like to see — something eye-catching and different. I am also pretty wild about action shots.

With school right around the corner, what tips do you have for being an A+ student?
In school, I loved carrying around my briefcase and organizing my papers according to class. Being organized helps you locate what you need, remember approaching deadlines, and relieve stress. It also helps in avoiding having to forge your mom’s signature on a permission slip you forgot about.

Reminisce on your middle and high school days for a moment — what was your typical classroom outfit? Looking back, would you still wear it today?
While other girls were probably discovering the pros of wearing makeup and say, brushing your hair daily, I was busy in my own little fantasy world. It wasn’t strange to see me sporting hair chopsticks and a kimono. Nowadays, I think a kimono would make a sweet alternative to a robe. However, when in public, the sleeves do tend to get caught in doors and on stair rails.

What aspirations do you most hope to fulfill in your future?
First off, I’d like to be able to do a split. It’s a small sort of an accomplishment, but for the least flexible person alive, i.e., me, it would be a real mountain to conquer. Secondly, since I’ve already achieved my dream closet, I would love to act in a feature film. Preferably I’d like to play a character from a book. What a thrill it would be to take a character, perhaps even someone’s favorite character, and bring them to life. I know I love seeing friends I’ve made in books personified.

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  1. Sarah 07/26/2012 at 9:13 am #

    Haha I love her take on fashion! A kimono in public? Why not? 😉

    xoxo Sarah

  2. Lauren Barnett 07/26/2012 at 3:15 pm #

    Lindsay seems like a strong, beautiful and intelligent young woman – an excellent role model!

    I would love to see some tutorials on how she styles her hair. I have a pixie cut as well, and really like the different ways Lindsay’s hair is styled in the latest stylebook!

  3. Lindsey 07/27/2012 at 10:58 am #

    Name twins! Yeah! 😀

    Et tu, tutu?

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