#StyleForAll: Meet Chelsea VonChaz

Chelsea VonChaz, Founder of #HappyPeriod, a Women’s Nonprofit

stylePictured: In Your Nature Maxi Dress

Hometown: Mobile, AL
Also a/an: avid reader, gym goer, Lhasa Apso lover
What’s #HappyPeriod?: A nonprofit that collects and distributes menstrual hygiene products to homeless women in cities across the country.

Can you remember the first moment you felt that you were really making an impact with #HappyPeriod?
Maybe at the third gathering, this woman teared up when she realized what was in the bag we gave her. During the same distribution, I talked to a woman whom told me that she was looking forward to getting our kits every month.

What keeps you motivated?
The movement keeps me motivated. The volunteers, my chapter leaders, and all of the people with periods that we are helping, everyone plays a part for me.

Describe your personal style. 
My personal style is solely based on my vibe. However I’m feeling in the moment, I will dress accordingly. From tomboy chic to boheme bae, I tend to balance with those.

Do you have a certain look you’d consider to be your “uniform”?
My workout clothes for sure!! My sporty look is almost daily.

In what way is the clothing you prefer a reflection of your personality?
My style/the clothes I wear reflect my personality, definitely my mood in the moment.

Pictured: So Field With Joy Romper in Butterfly, In with the Whimsical Jacket 

How has your personal style evolved over time?
Me, myself, I am evolving. Who I am now definitely comes out in my appearance. My personal style involves my culture, my womanism, and my activism.

People often say they want to feel “comfortable” or “confident” in their clothing. What do these words really mean to you?

To me “comfortable” and “confident” come from within. I’m just as comfortable and confident naked as well as in clothing.

How did modeling for ModCloth make you feel?

Modeling for ModCloth didn’t feel like modeling at all — I had a great time playing dress up. I’d love to do it again.

Pictured: Cultivated Quirk Knit Top,

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+Follow #HappyPeriod on Instagram: @wearehappyperiod — on Twitter @happyperiodorg — or learn more on their website

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