#StyleForAll: Meet Diana Carl

This month, our exclusive collection is modeled by inspiring people & personalities who express their individuality through their passions, actions, drive, & style. They are business owners, writers, artists, style icons, nonprofit organizers, movers, shakers, & groundbreakers. One thing they all have in common? Stories worth telling and statements worth spreading. Style, for real. And #StyleForAll.

Meet Diana Carl, Fashion Model

Pictured: Everyday Occasions Top in GiraffesOn a Roller Derby Jeans

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Hobbies: cooking, biking, hiking, planting
Loves: succulents, fruits (“Fruitbat ovah hur!!”)

What’s your favorite succulent and why?
Panda plant! I think it’s because they are harder for me to propagate (haha).

What made you decide to become a vegan?
For the animals, health, water, world hunger, rainforests… for everything!

Did you always want to be a model?
No. When I was a child, everyone was telling my mother that she should get me into a modeling agency. I wanted to be an actress.

Pictured: Dance Floor Date DressFun in a Million Metallic Heel

You have an interesting story from school. Can you share it with us?  
When I was in elementary school, my teacher thought I had some trouble seeing. I knew I could see perfectly, but my mom got me glasses anyway… It didn’t work, so after wearing glasses for over a year, we found out I had hard of hearing — my eyes were fine, but what I really needed was hearing aids.

How did that make you feel when you found out? How have you grown and adapted since then?
I thought, “I have to wear those things??? *barf*” I was six years old when I found out. I used to take them off after school. Since then, I have a better understanding of everything because of them. I’ve grown to be mature about having this in my life and accept that is just who I am.

Pictured: Outgoing Guidance Sleeveless Top in Butterfly, On a Roller Derby Jeans, Advised Intellectual Bag, Shades of Sweetness Peep Toe Heel 

How would you describe your personal style? 
Hmm…my style is a little bit of everything. I love the 70’s style to tomboy to sporty to feminine ruffled tops.

How has your style evolved over time?
Modeling for brands with different styles had made me realized they are all so amazing! Since I have gone vegan, it has also changed my style a whole lot. [I went from wearing] leather/fur/silk jackets, pants, and shoes to alternative materials and DENIM everything.

What were your favorite pieces you wore at our photo shoot? 
My favorite pieces I wore were the overall denim dress and ankle tie heels.

Pictured: Central Park Chic Denim Jumper, Opportunity for Originality Top in Animals, Condition Heel

Regarding the future, what’s one thing you’re excited about, either personally or globally?
Adopting a dog for the first time when we get back from our Thailand trip!

Also regarding the future, what’s one thing you’d like to change?
I hope that one day I could make the world more compassionate. All lives matter!

What keeps you motivated with working, modeling, and just moving forward in general?
Eating vegan and doing light exercise to keep me looking fresh, toned, and healthy 🙂 Adriano (my spouse) is my rock! He cheers for me with every casting. And bad times? He brings me back on my feet again. With me being hard of hearing, Nyle DiMarco (a famous male model who is deaf) has been my inspiration.

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