#StyleForAll: Meet Hope Steinman-Iacullo

This month, our exclusive collection is modeled by inspiring people & personalities who express their individuality through their passions, actions, drive, & style. They are business owners, writers, artists, style icons, nonprofit organizers, movers, shakers, & groundbreakers. One thing they all have in common? Stories worth telling and statements worth spreading. Style, for real. And #StyleForAll.

Meet Hope Steinman-Iacullo, Model, Prop Stylist/Set Decorator

Pictured: Ladybug Lovin’ Cardigan, Collar Outside the Lines Top, Eyelet Excitement Midi Skirt 

Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Hobbies: exploring the great outdoors, making terrariums, road tripping
Geeks Out Over: theme motels, true crime
Music Obsession: Fleetwood Mac

Gotta ask: favorite Fleetwood Mac song?
If we are talking about karaoke, my favorite Fleetwood Mac song is “The Chain.” It is just a really fun tune to sing aloud and be joined by other people. If we are talking about my favorite Fleetwood Mac song for when I am alone in the car and want to belt something out or are feeling particularly emotive, then I would go with “Silver Springs.” It is such a spectacularly beautiful song about longing.

Pictured: Camera Flash Finesse Wrap Dress in Blue Dots, Pointelle Belle Cardigan in White

How would you describe your personal style?
Quirky, flamboyant, and vintage-inspired. I also love things that are one piece of fabric: dresses, leotards, and jumpsuits.

In what way is the clothing you like to wear a reflection of your personality?
I think that the clothes I wear on any given day may speak to the different parts of my personality. There is the part of me that seeks comfort and routine and loves the idea of a uniform — my broken-in boots, a well worn tee, and some good and comfortable jeans. Then there is the other part of me that is excitable and exploratory and is attracted to the eccentric. I love thinking about who may have fallen in love with this piece and worn it before, or who was the intended audience when it was designed. It is in those moments that I reach for my jumpsuits, my sequins, my 80’s weightlifting pants with the elastic waistbands and the strange patterns.

Pictured: Mariposa Merriment Sweater, Velo Effect A-Line Skirt, Toss In Blossoms Oxford Flat 

How has your style evolved over time?
I’ve gone through many different phases. I tend to fall in love with a piece, become comfortable in it, and then wear it again and again until it literally falls apart. Then repeat.

What was the favorite piece/pieces you wore at the photo shoot?
There was a floral patterned dress that I wore when I was lounging on the sofa that was my favorite. It looked like something out of the 60’s. I liked its retro flair, and coupled with the couch, it evoked fantasies of lying about in a southern California canyon on a sunny 1960s day.

Pictured: Driven Docent Shirt Dress

People often say they want to feel ‘comfortable’ or ‘confident’ in their clothing. What do these words mean to you?
To me, they mean finding something that speaks to your sense of individual style, that fits you comfortably, and that you adore so much that when you throw it on you say, “the hell with other people’s opinions about my body and my expression.”

What got you interested in prop styling?
I first became interested in prop styling after a dear friend of mine placed me in the art department of her short film crew. Through the experience, I learned what prop styling and set decoration were. I felt an instant connection. I had always loved film and storytelling and been fascinated by aesthetics and the way that individuals are drawn to particular objects. Here was the ability to paint a picture of a specific time or place, or a particular character and what they embody, and reveal that information through visual cues.

Any other interests?
Hmm… well I’ve been getting more in touch with my “woo” side — I love plants, flowers, crystals, incense, pottery, political art, and I’m a big book nerd: theory, history, activism. I also love food; carbs especially, I couldn’t live without pasta.

What else have you been working on? 
Right now, I have a burgeoning interest in pottery, and I am excited to delve deeper and learn more. I am in love with the process of slowly molding something, only to perhaps have it collapse and fold in on itself, but then with a little TLC and patience be once again transformed into something new and beautiful. I think it’s a wonderful metaphor for how to cope with the pitfalls of life.

Let’s talk about the future. What’s one thing you’re excited about, personally or globally?
I am excited by all of the organizing and coalition building I am seeing in the face of a Trump presidency. Injustice has never been anything new, and there have always been the people fighting against it. But I am excited that more people are feeling the spark, and that spark is catching on. I think there is a tremendous opportunity here for people to learn about the ways other people outside of their own communities and subject positions are being impacted and targeted. And from those conversations with each other, we have the chance to build something beautiful and fight back for better futures.

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    Hope, I love true crime too! What are some of your favorite books/podcasts, etc? I recently learned that Jeffrey Dahmer had surgery for a double hernia…at age 6!

  2. Constanza 03/16/2017 at 2:52 pm #

    Where do you get that long Charleston skirt

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