#StyleForAll: Meet Isabel Hendrix

This month, our exclusive collection is modeled by inspiring people & personalities who express their individuality through their passions, actions, drive, & style. They are business owners, writers, artists, style icons, nonprofit organizers, movers, shakers, & groundbreakers. One thing they all have in common? Stories worth telling and statements worth spreading. Style, for real. And #StyleForAll.

Meet Isabel Hendrix, Social Media Maven, Business Co-Owner, & Blogger


Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Hobbies: Organizing stuff, belly dancing, dying her hair every color of the rainbow

You’re the co-owner of the online clothing shop Tunnel Vision. What’s been the most surprising thing you’ve learned about going into business with your bff?
I’ve learned a lot after working for a super-small company; a few things that come to mind are:

  1. It’s doable.
  2. Learning about taxes is a HUGE help.

You do so many different things and wear so many hats! Talk us through the typical day.
A typical day for me is waking up early (I am an early bird so I always feel best and most productive in the morning) and doing Tunnel Vision things! Typically going vintage sourcing with Madeline [my bff, business partner], pulling/packing/shipping orders, sorting through vintage clothes, planning for photoshoots, lots of laundry, taking pictures for Tunnel Vision’s instagram… Things change day to day but that’s kind of a general look at how my days go!

You refer to yourself as a “self-love advocate.” What’s one of the most common things people neglect about themselves, and what advice do you have?
Everybody is super different when it comes to health. I think one thing lots of people struggle with is giving themselves a break. It’s a good thing to practice easing up on yourself and allowing yourself a breather.

What about when you have an off day, or you’re feeling nervous about something. How do you reset?
I try to have an open mind/positive outlook the next morning. I also like to count on my fingers ten things I am grateful for or happy about!

What’s your signature style?
Comfort is key! I like dressing in lots of patterns and colors, but everything I wear has to be pretty comfortable too!

How has your personal style evolved over time?
I used to think that people’s style was a more steady thing that didn’t waver from the path of what they generally like, but now I find myself gravitating towards items I never would’ve previously!

Do you have a type of clothing that you’d consider to be your uniform?
My style changes pretty frequently, but one thing I always love is tie dye! 🙂

What was the favorite piece(s) you wore at the shoot? 
I really liked the swimsuits!! I love modeling swimwear – I feel like I can best move around and express myself while in a bathing suit!

People often say they want to feel ‘comfortable’ or ‘confident’ in their clothing. What do these words really mean to you?
“Comfortable” for me really means actual comfort, everything fitting well, or lots of stretchy stuff, you know? I like to be super comfy; I totally dig the looks of super-structured ensembles, but I like to be able to fall asleep in any outfit (which would be much trickier in such outfits)! “Confident” means feeling good in what I am wearing in regards to personal taste, activities that I am doing, weather, and that sort of thing!

I think a lot of people get caught up in the notion that they have to dress a certain way, or “flatter their shape” in order to feel good, or to be better liked. I believe that anybody can wear whatever they’d like to wear, and that no one’s figure should limit them in wardrobe selection!

Let’s talk about the future. What’s one thing you’re excited about, either personally or globally?
I’m excited seeing how smart and passionate the teenagers I meet are. That gives me hope.

What’s one thing you’d like to change, either for yourself or about the world?
For the world, there are too many things to list, honestly… I’d like for people to have equal rights; for it to be easier to live a comfortable life; I’d like the minimum wage to go up; I’d like girls to feel that they can do everything just as well as boys; I’d like for there to be more affordable housing, better mental health programs in schools… so many things.

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