#StyleForAll: Meet Pei Sim

Pictured: V-Neck Chelsea Collar Button-Up TopButtoned High-Waisted Denim Shorts

Tell us a little about yourself.
Hi! I’m Pei and I’m the owner + founder of The Paper + Craft Pantry, a stationery shop and workshop studio here in Austin. Besides being a small business owner, I’m also an avid crafter and D.I.Y. lover! When I’m not at the studio, you can find me trying new recipes at home, taking lots of Instagram Stories of my 7lb dog, and day dreaming of my next travel adventure! I’m also really into French fries and would eat them for every meal if it was acceptable.

3 fun facts
1. Although commonly mistaken for an extrovert, I’m actually more introverted!
2. I was born in Singapore and spent almost half my life growing up there, which I think attributes my love for the ocean since Singapore is an island.
3. Before I started my business, I used to want to be a meteorologist (but not a weather girl).

Pictured: Broadcast Coordinator Sleeveless Shirt Dress in Horse

Advice to your younger self:
It’s okay to say no. Saying no often opens you up to more opportunities to say yes to the things you really want in life!

Morning routine:
Rising when the sun comes up has become a norm for me! I start the morning with puppy snuggles, coffee and a workout before tackling some emails. Some days, the order is a little different but committing to some time that’s just for me and no one else has been a game changer!

Tell us more about being a female business owner and artisan/jewelry maker in Austin. Biggest benefits/rewards? Biggest challenges?

Owning a small business in Austin as a woman is incredibly humbling as I get to work alongside, support and collaborate with some seriously wonderful ladies. The community here in Austin has been extremely supporting of all things small business and there is definitely no lack of creativity here in town.

The biggest reward is knowing that beyond the pretty cards and fun workshops, true relationships are formed from guests who come to shop, attendees in our classes and events and that every aspect of our business in turn supports another small business.

The biggest challenge is for me currently is adapting to the changes and growth with the business! Learning to trust and lean into what makes me uncomfortable for the ultimate best of the business is something I work on daily.

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About Kat

Kat never met a mustard yellow dress she didn’t love. Make that mustard yellow anything, really—see profile pic as proof! In her free time, she loves to act in local theatre, sip old fashioneds, & beg friends to grab Ethiopian food with her. Who’s in?!

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