“There Is Always Something New to Learn”: Lacey Celebrates 7 Years at ModCloth

Seven years is a long time. In seven years, you could start and finish high school or college, watch your baby grow into a kindergardener, or solidify a serious romance. In the seven years since our coworker first Lacey walked into the office, ModCloth has grown from a little business with big dreams to a super-successful company with a global following. And with it, Lacey has likewise evolved from newbie to an all-around ModCloth expert. In celebration of her seven-year “Mod-iversary”, we chatted Lacey up about her experiences, her career advice, and why ModCloth’s still the place to be after all this time.

Celebrating 7 Years at ModCloth with Lacey V.

What do you remember about your start at ModCloth?

I was employee number 14, (now we’re closing in on 400!) so it was a MUCH different place back then! We had no system to manage our inventory when I started, so we used to organize everything in alphabetical order by product name. When I visited the Fit Shop in San Francisco recently and took a peek into the storeroom, I had a total flashback — it’s about the same size as our first “warehouse”, and everything was neatly hanging and labeled just like it was in 2008. It’s been amazing to see the company go full circle in that way!

How has your role changed from when you started at ModCloth to now?

I started out in the receiving department and eventually led a small team there. I became interested in the technology side of the business after working with some of our software engineers and IT folks on requirements for creating new products on the website. I applied for a “Business Analyst” job, then went on to implement purchasing tools, financial systems, picking and shipping systems, and most recently lead the team on website feature development.

What’s makes ModCloth a unique place to work?

One thing I love about ModCloth is there isn’t a lot of a “That isn’t my job” attitude. Everyone pitches in and goes way beyond when they need to.

What’s your favorite ModCloth memory?

Haha, I seem to have an abnormal number of piñata related memories… When I worked in the Fulfillment Center, when we processed our 10,000th product through the receiving department we had a little party with sparkling grape juice, and a dollar bill piñata with Winston the pug’s face pasted over Ben Franklin’s. Then two years ago, when we implemented a new financial system, I got to crush a piñata symbolizing the old one at a company-wide meeting with hundreds of people looking on.

What would you tell someone aspiring to do what you do?

If you’re interested in moving into a technology role at your workplace, look for ways to help out on big projects, and get involved! We are always in need of people to represent their areas as Subject Matter Experts, or simply to help with user testing and QA, and it’s a great way to get an introduction to the world of software development and implementation. Finding meetups in your area is also a great way to broaden your knowledge and learn how other people get things done. And I always recommend read, read, read!

What advice do you have for folks who want to work at ModCloth?

Go apply — we’re hiring! The company continues to evolve, as always, so being a total rockstar at what you do is just one part — having an aptitude for learning and a willingness to grow is a must-have, too. Don’t underestimate the power of a good cover letter and making your resume easy to navigate and impactful. For me, those make the difference between “this person seems OK” to “I must talk to this person today!”

What makes ModCloth a great place to work?

I’ve learned so much. When people ask why I’ve stayed at ModCloth for this long, my answer is always that I work with the best people and there is always something new to learn.

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